A Letter To My Cousin
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A Letter To My Cousin

Well one of them…

A Letter To My Cousin
Amy J Buckner

My cousin Josie and I were always close growing up. She spent every summer at my house for as long as I can remember. Out of my Grandparents 13 grandchildren, I’m number 10 and she’s number 11 (only seven months separate us) and there are boys on either side of us. All the other girls were either older or lived out of state. So it was always me and Josie. We bought each other Christmas gifts every year in the family gift exchange and spent our weeks together playing Barbies in my living room (we put together some dang cool Barbies house too). Recently our Granny has been in the hospital and it made me think about all my memories and what they mean to me. So here’s a letter of love to my cousin…

Dear Josie,

Thanks for always going upstairs first. It doesn’t matter that it’s only because I said “I’m right behind you” as I stood at the bottom, half expecting you to be attacked by the ghost that lives up there. You still did it and I appreciate that.

Thanks for letting me be Sammy Lane. We both know I’d be a terrible Mandy Ford. When I hit it big one day I’ll be sure to credit you in my acceptance speech.

Thanks for always being ready to make Kool-Aid. I appreciate that before I can say, “hey you want to make Kool-Aid” you already have the pitcher out. Also remember that time my Mom sent us in the store for Kool-Aid and she gave us a twenty and we had to come back for two pennies…classic.

Thanks for being my guinea pig. My acrylic nail game wouldn’t be as strong as it is today without you.

Thanks for checking out the food situation with me on holidays. I’m not looking to ruin Christmas by biting into something weird.

Thanks for having a Carol Brady haircut when you were a kid. Highlight of my childhood photo memories ;)

Thanks for watching movies and singing songs (that no one else appreciates) with me. Especially on a long road trip to Texas ;) (Let’s go back SOON!)

Thanks for coming to see me at school. It’s nice every once in a while to have someone come and see me. It was especially nice my first semester when I was alone and sad and we went and got pizza. That’s one of my favorite memories from that semester.

Thanks for still loving me…even though I used to think it was funny to tell you that we were doing makeovers and then basically covering your face in blue eyeshadow. Seriously that was rude. I would never do that now. That’s awful. You should’ve hit me.

Thanks for all the memories. There’s no one I would’ve rather “flown” on our airplane swing with. Or had “school” upstairs with. Or had a diner in the kitchen with (even though that one time we spilled the cherry delight and almost lost our lives…that was bad).

Good times and bad times. Talking or not talking. Irritated or not irritated. I’m grateful you’re my cousin and that I have all of these wonderful memories (well, most of them) to show for it. Thanks for everything J-Dogg J Love you!

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