Dear Freshman Year,

There are a handful of moments in your life that you just know while its happening you're going to remember for the rest of your life. This was every aspect of my freshman year.

As of right now freshman year is officially over. This past week, finals week, was the worst week ever. Not necessarily because it was finals, but because at the end of the week it meant I had to literally pack up my life and leave all of my friends. Yes, finals were awful and a few tears were shed, but the most tears were over the goodbyes I had to give.

It’s crazy to think that these people I met just eight short months ago are the people I am hysterically crying over and are the people that I don’t want to go a day without. I may or may not have FaceTime my best friend twice already and she left yesterday. That basically describes how I feel.

This year has undoubtedly been the best year of my life. The memories that I made and the people I met have changed my life in so many ways and made me a better person. Coming to college, I changed so much. People say you change based on who you're with and where you are and that could not be more accurate. Who would have thought I would meet my best friends in the bathroom of my dorm? I certainly didn't!

College made me try new things and step way out of my comfort zone. I did things I wouldn't ever have imagined doing, met people I can't believe I ever lived without and joined groups and organizations that I didn't even know existed. That’s the whole point of find yourself. I am in the processing of finding out who I am and what I am meant to do. This year has started to paint that picture for me and I couldn't be happier with the way it's turning out!

I have only been home for a few short hours and I want to go back more than anything. I really think that is when you know you did freshman year right. I never want to leave my school or my friends. Yes, it is nice to be home and see your home friends but going to college gives you a new life. Not necessarily moving on but growing up. I had to do my own laundry, make my own food, provide for myself and it wasn't as bad as everyone said. I kind of enjoyed it. I got to live the life I wanted to without anyone telling me if I was right or wrong and I made so many amazing friends along the way.

I knew I was going to love college but I really didn't think i was going to love it this much. Sophomore year has its work cut out because freshman year was so amazing it will be hard to live up to my new expectations. Just kidding! I have no doubt in my mind that sophomore year will be even better! I can't wait to go back! I am counting down the days until I get to move back into my favorite place.

Thank you freshman year! You've been one hell of a ride!