To The Class Of 2019, College Is Upon You

To The Class Of 2019, College Is Upon You

With one semester of high school left, time is passing by quickly.


Class of 2019,

Ready or not, graduation is near. May will be here before you know it. You have one semester of high school left. Let that sink in for a minute. Life as you know it is about to change forever. Will it change for the good or the bad? That choice is yours!

You are beginning to face many decisions that will affect your life forever, and that can be scary. Don't let the stress of choosing a college and career ruin your last semester of high school. Go have fun, and make those memories. The simple things you took for granted for the past three years of high school will be gone before you know it. Go to that last sporting event, go to that last choir/band concert, go to that last high school dance, go to any and every event possible! Go support your friends at their high school events because pretty soon, those friends may be gone far away from you.

While you're making those memories, strive to be the best possible person you can be. Don't go through your last semester of high school just doing enough to get by; instead, work your hardest. Show your teachers that you truly care. Thank your teachers for instilling their lives into yours. While it may seem those teachers were trying to make your life more difficult, it was simply the start of a bigger life lesson you need to know.

While this chapter of your life is ending, a new chapter is about to begin. You will learn that those people who you thought were your friends in high school are really not. Things change, people change, and most of all, LIFE CHANGES. Don't let anything ruin this season of your life. Live in the moment because one day, you will look back, and all you will have is memories.

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Dear Seniors, It Won't Hit You Yet

Breathe it all in, and don't let it go until it's gone.

The end is near, and senioritis is kicking in. You're preparing for your last high school sports season, and you and your classmates are becoming closer. The clicks are merging together, there isn't much drama, and your biggest worry right now is buying a prom dress or finding a date.

You'll read this, and it will kind of make you emotional... but it won't hit you.

Truth is, it won't hit you until you go up to bat for the last time on your home field. You'll feel it when you take your cleats off for the last time, and pack your bat bag up.

It really won't hit you until you're sitting in the gym around all of the kids you've known for 12 years, wearing caps and gowns.

best years of your life, they will be the greatest so far.

With that being said, I'll leave you with this: participate in the spirit week before your prom that is made specifically for the senior class, even if only you and a few friends do it. Come up with a senior prank. Have a senior skip day. Tell your teachers thank you. Go on spring break with all of your friends. Play your heart out in every practice and game. Overall, make the best of what you have before it's gone.

Cover Image Credit: Macey Joe Mullins

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10 Things I Will Always Miss About High School

High School truly is the glory days.


It's been 5 years now since I graduated from Beauregard High School. That's crazy to me! I wish all the time I could go back. There are plenty of great memories I have. As for you kids still in high school, your gonna wish you could go back no matter how much you want out of that hell hole.

Trust me, my high school was a hellhole but the greatest place at the same time.

1. Life was simple

All you had to do was show up, hang out, and do some class work and boom you're done. No dealing with bills, no paying for an apartment or house, no having to get a full-time job or having to do crazy college assignments or clinical.

2. You got to see friends everyday

I was told by one of my best friends that graduated two years before I did that once me and a couple other guys graduate, it's all gonna change. It definitely did. You don't see your school friends every day and you don't see your best friends as often. I moved away for college and another one of our best friends moved away for work. We see each other and have great times still. Then I see high school buddies whenever I'm around town and catch up some but it's just not the same.

3. The teachers

Yes, I said it. You will miss the teachers. You'll miss the fun teachers and the hard teachers. I had teachers who had daughters in the class under me and they were some of my best teachers along with my coaches. One teacher I remember everyone hated but I loved him, even though he was a hard history teacher. He was just challenging us to do a better job and I thank him still for that.

4. Shop

This won't hit the girls as much as the guys but the shop was where it was at. Crazy ass things happened in there from rebuilding an engine, catching on fire welding, or frying some chicken/grilling steak in the middle of the shop. I believe every guy should take shop and enjoy it and I bet you'll miss it. I saw a buddy I had shop classes off and on with all four years the other day and had a great time catching up talking about the fun times.

5. Sports

Whether you played sports or watched the games you'll miss it. Being under the lights on Friday night or being on the diamond is a great feeling until the day you end up on the sideline or the dugout coaching. For others, it's cheering on your friends and classmates. It just feels different when you see these people in class or the hallway every day and then see them play a big game.

6. Pep Rally’s 

I know some people hated pep rally's and wouldn't show but for others, it was a great time to go bat shit crazy at school. I loved pep rally's and even won most school spirit senior year by wearing some crazy outfits and painting myself crazy colors.

7. Homecoming week

For my school, homecoming week gave us a week to dress up as crazy as possible. I won one day every year. The unfortunate part is I could've won more but the most we could win was one day a week. Then there were the homecoming pep rally games. I'm a big guy — 6'6", 280 lbs — so I was always put in the tug of war and typically held my own.

8. The lunches

Yes, everyone's favorite period. The tables where the real shit happens. The food wasn't all that great except pizza day. But getting to eat lunch with friends every day was great. Then there was the sneaking to the gas station right down the street and hoping you don't get caught.

9. The principal 

At my school, we have a principal who's been there longer than the high school itself. Ole Dickie Brown has either coached or been principal of everyone's parents at the school. Then he loves the pep rally's more than the students and doing two bits.

10. The bus rides

For those that rode the bus once you get to high school, you're the high class back of the bus students that everyone looks up to. It's also the wildest spot on the bus.

There are many other reasons and more in-depth details on why you will miss high school but these are my top 10. My best advice is to enjoy your time in school and when you're young because it goes by quick and then life happens.

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