To My BFF's Future Husband, Treat Her Well & Take My Advice
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To My Best Friend's Future Husband, I Have Been There Through It All–Now It's Your Turn

I'm giving her away to you, so please take my advice.

To My Best Friend's Future Husband, I Have Been There Through It All–Now It's Your Turn

Dear Future Husband of my BFF,

As a best friend, I am required to write you this letter. You are going to be with her forever and so I need to clear up a few things before you are. I honestly probably didn't like you much at first. Not because you were a bad person, but because I am protective and guys from her past usually can't be trusted. You may have noticed my disliking for you, maybe you didn't. But, I'm being honest here so now you know.

She has been my best friend for a long time. I have seen every side of her. From her cranky morning voice to her rambunctious midnight moments, I witnessed it. From hearing her get all excited about a boy to being that shoulder to cry on when it doesn't work out, I was there for her. From her biggest achievements to her lowest moments, I have been there for her through all of it.

She was once a stranger who turned into my best friend. My sister. My family.

Now, I'm about to give her away to you and I want you to know what you are getting yourself into.

I want you to know that she is guarded and keeps people at arm's length. It takes her so long to trust people because of the people who have hurt her. But, when she loves someone, she loves them hard. She wears her heart on her sleeve and will do anything for someone she cares about. She would give you the shirt off of her back or the food off her plate.

She loves the beach and the ocean and California. She has always dreamed of living close to the water, so please buy her a house one day in San Diego or Santa Monica or Malibu. She will never ask you for something this drastic, but it would make her the happiest she has ever been.

She loves documentaries, no matter the topic. She could binge watch New Girl all day if you let her. I know this may not be your thing, but when she asks if you want to watch with her, just please say yes and cuddle up next to her. To you, you may have to suffer through an hour of hearing Nick Miller and Jessica Day, but she will be remembered that moment and cherish it.

Let her talk about her passions even if you may find them boring. Her eyes will light up and she will start telling you her ultimate plan for life. She's a planner. She may come off as carefree and spontaneous but she likes to plan what's happening tomorrow. Or a week from now. Or maybe even a year. Always confirm plans with her and never leave her guessing. It drives her crazy.

She loves the Lord, but sometimes she puts worldly things in place of Him. Please bring her closer to Him. Take her to church, worship with her, have weekly devotionals with her. Help her become a better Christian. If you love God twice as much as you love her, your relationship with thrive.

Buy her McDonald's fries at 10 pm. Spend quality time with her family. Freak out with her whenever you two see a dog on the street. Don't forget she is lactose intolerant. Remind her to put herself first sometimes, she deserves it.

All of these little things are facts that I have learned about her over our friendship. You may not know them, so I am giving you this precise intel. Use it. Don't forget it. She will cherish these small acts of service more than anything.

Finally, please love her with your whole heart. If you do not have her best interest at heart, I'm sorry but this won't work. I know relationships can be messy and difficult at times. But, love should also be easy. Loving her should be easy.

She is my best friend. She will become your best friend. We are going to have to share her which is something I have never had to do before, so don't prove me wrong. She's a great best friend though, you won't regret it.


Her Overly Protective, But Loving Best Friend

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