To My Exes, Saying Sayonara Sucked, But I Have No Time For The Games
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To My Exes, Saying Sayonara Sucked, But I Have No Time For The Games

Sorry, not sorry.

To My Exes, Saying Sayonara Sucked, But I Have No Time For The Games
Molly Cole

To all my exes-

I'm sorry I couldn't be the girl you wanted me to be for you. I'm sorry that I didn't lead you on with the idea of settling down with you in the mediocre apartment and the never fulfilled dreams that I had for myself and even for us as a couple. I'm sorry that I couldn't give you what you wanted. I'm especially sorry that I didn't bow down to you when you thought I was naive enough to let you continue on with your lies and your games like your most current girlfriend does or will do. Because I didn't give in and settle for all of that, I no longer have you.

But I'm not sorry that I chose to want more for myself. I'm not sorry that I have set higher standards for myself that make it less easy for me date just anyone. I'm not sorry that I didn't conform to everything you wanted me to be, decided to stay in one place my entire life because you were too scared to go anywhere else, or sacrifice any part of me just because you were too embarrassed that I like to dance obnoxiously in front of everyone when there is music on. I'm not sorry that I chose me over you. Because sweetheart, you didn't choose a darn thing about me over anything you wanted.

I was never good enough for you. I either wasn't young enough, in high school, didn't go guy to guy to make it easy for you, I dreamed bigger than you could even imagine, or wasn't your parent's favorite. But you know what, that's okay. And ya wanna know why??

That big dream you always said I had, the reason why your parents never liked me, the reason you chose high schoolers over me- it's because you were never capable of mentally connecting with me. You told me to stop talking about this and that because you didn't understand. You told me to stop planning because you didn't make plans since it was too hard for you. You told me that if I'd give you a second chance you'd promise me a ring.

But why? Why would you pursue a relationship with me if I never made you happy by being my true and genuine self? Why lie to me, ignore me, play me like a game if you never had the intention to follow through? Why would you say all of these sweet things and try so hard to convince me that you were worth it all if in the end it was and you are just a joke?

So thanks, but no thanks. I know my worth, I don't need anyone to make me happy, I can live without the attention, I succeed in my own, I have plenty of plans and aspirations to benefit all of my personalities, and I'm happy. So unless you're ready to be a man, commit to my happy, weird, awkward in the best break-out-dance kind of way, love me regardless of my best and most incredibly bad days- please for the love of all that is holy, do not come my way.

I have way too much to do in life to sit and sift through you uncommitted-lyin-cheatin-country eatin-little boys. Now, you no longer get to have me.

P.S. If you're wondering if this applies to you... if the shoe fits, go ahead and lace that bad boy up and wear it!

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