Hey, you. Yeah, you. I know we haven’t talked in a while – in fact, I think it’s been over a year since I last spoke to you. That used to bother me, knowing that suddenly I wasn’t as important to you as I once was, but I’ve grown to accept it. People drift apart, and that’s exactly what happened to you and me. We were only meant to be in each other’s lives for a little while, and that's how it was always going to be.

Back in high school, we took on the world together. We navigated the stresses, special moments and general ups and downs of life together. I know that college is a turning point in a lot of friendships, because it can either make them or break them. Distance either makes the heart grow fonder – strengths the friendship – or makes you forget. Now that it’s been two years since high school, I think I can safely say I know who is with me for the long run. Unfortunately, it seems you got off board along the way. And that’s okay. I’m not mad. In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting us to go our separate ways and come back the next summer as if we were the same people and nothing had changed. I am most definitely not the same person as I was at seventeen, and I can see that you aren’t, either. People change. People grow. Sometimes they grow apart from each other.

I want you to know that, even if we never speak again, I am grateful for all the fun times we had together. You helped me find my place in the world and, really, made my life a lot of fun. Still, I do wish I could know why you just stopped talking to me, even ignoring me, because sometimes it still upsets me. Was I a bad friend? Was I annoying? Did I do something wrong? All of this gets mushed together in my brain until I can't take it, and then, finally, I remember that maybe this was how it was meant to be all along. Sometimes, God only brings people into your life for a season, and then He decides it’s time to take you in a different direction. I think that’s what He did for me, led me in a different direction. We had served our purposes in each other’s lives, and our friendship simply dwindled away. And even if your season in my life has ended, it's a time I never want to forget.

If our paths ever cross again, I hope we can remember some of the good times we had. You helped me through so much and know so much about me – there’s no way to undo that. Maybe some years from now, we won’t be complete strangers anymore. Until then, I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re going after what you love. And I hope you’ve made some amazing new friends.