An Open Letter To The Next Guy Who Dates Me
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An Open Letter To The Next Guy Who Dates Me

I don’t need flowers or teddy bears, I just want your time and love.

An Open Letter To The Next Guy Who Dates Me

Hey there cutie,

First of all, congratulations. You just signed up to date this mess, but the important thing is, this mess let you into her life!

So I am assuming you must have a great sense of humor and a fantastic personality. That’s what I fall for. I only ask for 3 things: loyalty, honesty, and care. If you are able to complete that then I doubt I will find anything wrong with our relationship.

However, as I mentioned before, I am a mess. And here somethings that I will just list and if you don’t like then let’s not waste each other’s time:

  1. Let’s talk about appearance. I don’t pick guys based off of looks, though good looks are a plus. I’m talking about my looks. I have flat hair, bumpy skin, pimples, I’m not curvy in any way, I’m not athletic or skinny. I’m the awkward thing between skinny and curvy, but I am content with my body, so take it or leave it.
  2. I’m blunt. I don’t have any barriers, I will say anything and talk about anything, so don’t feel uncomfortable when I say weird things.
  3. I’m tired. I am a nursing student, so I will be tired, if I stay up with you past 10pm, you better make me some hot chocolate.
  4. Which brings me to my next topic. I love chocolate. And food. I love food. Especially spicy food, so be able to deal with a human with an appetite of a pig.
  5. I am sheltered. (was sheltered). I never skateboarded or snowboarded in my life. That just shows you how protected my parents were.
  6. I’m broke. So don’t plan anything crazy expensive, and I don’t need you to either, homemade spaghetti is just as good as a steak from a 5 star restaurant.
  7. Now personality. I am weird. I have fluctuations between out going crazy girl and shy quiet girl, really depends on how much sleep I got.
  8. Now my past. I’ve dated a bad boy and done somethings that not everyone might approve of, but it’s my past and I regret nothing. It was all an experience and it made me who I am.
  9. I am a mother. Just one child, but unfortunately my child died when I had a miscarriage. This is a touchy subject for me. If you really cared about me, you’ll be willing to lend me your ears as I tell you everything that went down.
  10. I’m very simple, but my heart has been broken. Not from previous boyfriends, but from friends, family, and life in general. I try to make the best out of everything, but there will be days where I just don’t feel like it.

Dating me is simple if you just accept me. I don’t need flowers or teddy bears, I just want your time and love. So, whoever you are, please take good care of me. I don’t want another scar.


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