A Letter To The Graduating High School Senior Who Is Unsure
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A Letter To The Graduating High School Senior Who Is Unsure

High school doesn’t define who you’ll be for the rest of your life.

A Letter To The Graduating High School Senior Who Is Unsure
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“High school is the best time of your life”… “Cherish this time” … “You’ll never be this young again.”

If you’re a graduating high school senior, chances are you’ve heard these claims more than once during your high school career. It’s what everyone says – your parents say it, the neighbors say it, the older kids who already graduated say it, and even the movies and TV say it. But is it true? Is everyone’s high school experience really supposed to be something out of American Pie or Dazed and Confused?

If you’re a high school senior, chances are you’re having doubts about how you spent your four years. Regardless of what your regrets are, they’re totally normal. No one walks out of high school saying “I did everything right, and this was the best time of my life.” And if they do, they’re fooling themselves.

High school can be a great time and a place where memories are made. From seeing your friends in the halls everyday to wrapping it all up at prom, my best guess is you have some solid moments to look back on in the years to come. These memories may not be everything our society tells you they should be, but society and norms should be the least of your concerns right now. You wrote your own high school experience and own it, and now there’s a chance to make up for whatever you didn’t get to do in high school: college.

College, in short, is a place for fresh starts and second chances. The people at your new school have no idea who you are. This is your chance to reinvent yourself and finally sculpt the individual you truly want to be. This is an amazing gift, and you should put a lot of thought into the kind of person you wish to be, because this person will affect both yourself and others.

With all this reinventing, however, it’s important not to go too crazy. If you feel like going to college a brand new, never-before-seen individual, go for it. But remember that it’s so crucial to stay true to the core of who you are, because this is what makes you amazing. No matter what color you choose to dye your hair, or how you choose to spend your weekends, be yourself.

As you begin your life as a college student and learn what it all entails, you’ll come to realize that there are two main aspects of your life as a college student: inside the classroom and outside of the classroom. Inside the classroom is where you gain knowledge and get the (hopefully good) grades your future depends on. So on the first day of classes, go in with an A+ attitude and show your campus what it means to be determined.

As for the “outside of the classroom aspect,” that can entail anything from writing for the school newspaper to dealing drugs in the sketchy part of town. Choose wisely, and make sure that what you do with your free time both enhances your learning and allows you to make lifelong friends and memories. While the academic experience is very important, you mustn’t forget the fun.

College is all about finding yourself and discovering what your place is on this earth. The answers aren’t going to come immediately, but in time clarity will wash over you and lead you to who you’re meant to be. But for now, work hard, respect yourself and your peers, make memories to last a lifetime, and show college what you’re made of.


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