A Thank You Letter To My Best Friend Since Middle School

Dear Best Friend,

Hey! I love you so much. I also have no clue where to even begin! First of all, can you believe it has been seven years since we became best friends?! It feels like yesterday when we were in 8th grade science class goofing off because we hated science! Thanks for always being there for me through literally everything... and by everything I mean our super weird awkward phases; from wearing dark eyeliner on our eyes, converses that we doodled all over and our skater phase to the bad haircuts (sorry about that). So many awkward double dates (sorry about that too), and obsessing over the Jonas Brothers.... and Flight of the Concords.... and The Mighty Boosh. Thank you so much for loving stupid comedy with me; "Hot Rod," "SNL," "Accepted" and "Talladega Nights" are just some of our favorites. Thank you for dancing to music in the car with me, I wouldn't want to jam to Kanye with anyone else. I am so thankful that we have the same sense of humor. Thank you for your sarcasm, because no one gets your sarcasm like I do and vice versa.

Thank you for always being honest with me even when I didn't want to hear it. I can always count on you to give me your honest opinion, and it's exactly what I need. Thank you for going literally anywhere with me. From church youth group to hardcore rock shows, you're always there, no matter what the circumstance. Thank you for always keeping me grounded and down to earth. When my head is up in space, you are always there to show me the right path and to help me with any situation. Thank you for being hilarious; I literally keep a smile on my face the whole time I am with you. Thank you for laughing with me and at me; I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you for showing me the beauty in everything. You inspire me with your dreams and the way you look at the world. We have always been complete opposites, but I'm realizing we are more and more alike as time goes on. Thank you for the random FaceTime calls, sharing mall Chinese food with me and for being my soulmate. Thank you for letting me vent when something is on my mind and for agreeing with me no matter how dumb I make something sound.

Thank you for having a family that welcomes me with a warm hug and a smile no matter how long it has been since I have seen them.

Thank you for your support and for always being my best friend. Going off to college and being so far away from each other couldn't phase us. This is what a true and honest friendship looks like, and I am so thankful to be a part of one. I'm thankful to be practically married. I love you, man.



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