A Letter To My Best Friends

Hey Guys,

Where do I start we have been together for a long time now and know a ton about each other. We have gone through hurricanes and life storms together and still here we stand strong. We know each other like we have been together since birth. We have cried on each other shoulders and both dislike the same people for the same reasons.

We have each other back like none other. We are the true meaning of "ride or die". We have been through some tough things together. Crazy nights and hospital visits we know it doesn't matter we have each other.

The ups and downs we have had them. Break ups and breaks down you have been there for me and me for you. I will always be there when you need me for every life moment you have.

Thank you for being there for me when I needed you. Thanks for listening to my crazy life stories. Thanks for laughing at me and with me when I needed it. Thanks for supporting me as I support you. Thank you for being 100 with me always. Thanks for encouraging me to go for something and to not back down.

You are an answered prayer for me when I moved to school. I know it was because of him that we met and are still together and friends now. I will always be grateful for you. No number of words could show that honestly. I know we will have each other for life and I am excited to see where we go in life and how our lives will go.

People may not understand or get our relationship and we might not always be #goals but we have each other thats more important than any social media tag in my book any day.



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