I lie in bed tonight and send up a special prayer for you, as I do most every night. I pray for your safety, your health, and your timing. I can only dream of the moment I meet you or find out I have already met you. When that moment occurs we will know that God is good, love is real, and how exciting it is that The Lord has brought our lives together at exactly the perfect moment in time for us to know we are meant to spend forever together.

You are the man I have thought about my whole life. I have made mistakes and I hope you can accept them. I want to hear about every mistake you’ve made and how it has made you into the man you are today. I wish to share all my secrets with you, and I hope you let me hold all of yours. I hope you can show me the truth of love at first sight, or surprise me by being in my life all along.

But more than any of that, I hope that right now you are truly making the very most of your life. I pray you are taking every opportunity to experience all life has to offer. Make mistakes, take chances, and grow a little more each day into the man I dream of meeting. I hope you do all of this because this is exactly what I will be doing. Until we meet one day and begin to do all of these things together. Do not wait for me, because I am not waiting for you. I believe we will meet at the perfect moment in time, and oh how special that moment will be.

So I will continue to pray for you and wonder if you are out there doing the same for me. I look forward to spending our futures together and sharing special stories of our past. I can't wait to know who you are, but until then just know there is always someone out there thinking about you. You are already so special to me.

Lots of Love,

Your Future Wife