Open Letter To Boyfriend On Anniversary
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To The Guy Who Is Still By My Side 1 Year Later

Thank you for showing me a relationship could give me my absolute best friend.

To The Guy Who Is Still By My Side 1 Year Later
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Hey you,

It feels surreal that I've had the opportunity to get to know and love you for the last 365 days. It feels kinda crazy because let's be real, it feels like much, much longer. Some days, it feels like we're 85 and I want to flick you in the face. But, I guess that's what happens when your soul feels totally and completely comfortable resting in someone else's. I want to thank you, for everything you've taught me and for the times you've forced me to grow. In some situations, you've made me grow in ways I really hadn't imagined possible.

You've taught me a different kind of strength, one in its own where I've had to protect and look out for someone else on my own and trust myself in being capable in keeping your heart and health safe in times where I didn't always know what to do.

You've forced me to really stare at my own reflection, dig deeper within myself and love the girl staring back. You were the first person I ever dated who has never let me forget how beautiful, smart, driven and creative I am. On days where I felt low, in a dark place, all it takes is staring into your eyes for reassurance. Watching you watch me, with a look I'm not quite sure I've seen before. One filled with hope, optimism and pure love. For that, I am eternally grateful for you helping me to believe in myself with confidence and the reassurance I need every now and then.

You have definitely taught me patience, and more importantly, have forced me to face my stubbornness. Mostly, because we are the two most stubborn people I have ever met. And most of the time you light the match that sets me off, and I know I do the same to you. You're smart and inquisitive and debate me. Which, shoutout to you for taking on that challenge and putting me in my place every so often. I never realized how right I needed to be most of the time until you ever so bluntly let me know.

And, now for the first time in 22 years, I stop myself (sometimes) and apologize when I'm wrong. (Never thought that was possible)

You have taught me a different perspective on life, one different from my own. You've shut me up in moments where I've acted bratty and forced me to be thankful.

You have also shown me how similar someone else in this world is to me. How much someone could replicate my soul and sing the same song back. You have given me a comfort I didn't know before and in this past year given me more passion and understanding than anyone. Thank you for proving to me that a significant other can truly and undeniably be your best friend. I'm not sure there's anyone else I have the best time doing absolutely nothing with, tell everything to and crave experiencing everything with.

I really could go on forever. Talk about how often you make me laugh, which is constant, how safe you make me feel in spells of anxiety, how creative you are and how that feeds the hell out of my heart. But, I think I'll just leave it with thank you.

This year has been wild. The kind of wild that is filled with more ups and downs then I've known before. Challenges, growths, excitement, disappointment, utter happiness, adventures and beautiful memories that I'll always be thankful for in all their own ways. You truly have given me the most genuine, pure and real thing I've known. Not every day is perfect, or fairytale-like. But I never needed that. I signed up for real and raw. You have definitely shown me how extraordinary the ordinary every day can be.

So today, I feel grateful our paths crossed and beyond lucky to know and love someone as beautiful and soulful as you, my love, thank you.

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