Let's Talk: The Time I Shaved My Eyebrow Off

Let's Talk: The Time I Shaved My Eyebrow Off

My eyebrows have completely made a recovery since this incident, but my mental stability has not.


Back in the spring of 2016, I was a second-semester freshman who knew everything. You know, I thought that if I could make it back into my dorm, past the check-in desk, blackout drunk off one Natty Light I drank in a stranger's basement, I could take on anything. But, sis, I was wrong.

I was dating a fraternal man, and he had invited me to his formal. It was my first every fraternity formal AND it was in a different city, so you know tiny 18-year-old me was freaking out. I became obsessed with looking through '#formal' on Instagram and I was determined to look fire at this event.

But, young naïve 18-year-old me didn't think about the fact that there are literally tons of paid professionals who will glow you up for just a small fee, and she also procrastinated until a week before formal to even think about things like hair, nails, eyebrows, etc.

Here is the thing though, back in 2016 I didn't own a pair of tweezers. Yeah, I know. So, what I used instead was an eyebrow razor, and that was the start to the one life in my event I compare to the fall of the Roman Empire, mighty and depressing.

I had used this eyebrow razor before and nothing had gone wrong, I still had two perfectly thicc eyebrows. I used the razor to thin out the brow, from the tail to the start, I did my right eyebrow first which should have somewhat triggered my brain into thinking something was wrong because I always start with the left. (The left is favorite.)

I start thinning out my darling left brow, thinking about how bomb I'm about to look at this formal. I had this dope maroon dress that tied in the back, and it had a slit in the leg. Plus, I was going tanning and my skin HAD really started glowing, even if I was a little sunburnt. AND WITH THE GREY HEELS? SKSKSK, sis! I was going to slay.

While my mind had started to drift to how I would look, I didn't really realize that I wasn't being as precise with my movements anymore with my brow. Then, suddenly my hand jerked and with that, I had no left eyebrow.

I was devastated, she was gone. My eyes started welling up and I dropped to my knees in front of my standard issue dorm room mirror. How could this have happened, literally a week out and my eyebrow has left the chat. I was crying so hard, wheezing out small questions of if there is or isn't a God, and if so why had she let me do this to myself.

After about two more hours of mourning and multiple calls to my best friend, I decided to allow myself to calm down and look in the mirror again. My eyebrow looked like a 1920's flapper girl had taken possession but there was still hope.

So, if you ever decide to start shaving your eyebrows with a razor:


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If I Ever Go Full 'Bridezilla,' You Have My Full Permission To Slap Me

Anyone who catches me, seriously, just slap me back into my senses.


As someone who has always loved watching "Bridezillas," the fact that Netflix now has their own, British version, called "Diva Brides" gives me more pleasure than it probably should. The older I get, the closer I pay attention to bridal shows, hoping to learn some valuable lessons about planning for weddings, picking out the perfect dress, and treating my bridesmaids and family who help with the wedding like human beings.

If I EVER act like a bridezilla, you have permission to slap me. Anyone who catches me, seriously, just slap me back into my senses.

The people in your bridal party are some of your closest family and friends, and they do not deserve to be treated like dispensable slaves to a bride who only cares about herself because it's her day. Yes, it is your day... congrats! Is it worth losing your friends and family over everything being absolutely perfect? Weddings never go one hundred percent as planned, so trying to force the people around you to make sure your day is perfect is inconceivable.

I can be a bit of a perfectionist, I will admit it, but I would never treat my friends the way I've seen some brides treat theirs. Treat everyone with respect and they may actually enjoy helping you with your wedding, Susan! My friends will likely help me with wedding inspiration and will be there along with my closest family as I pick out my mermaid style dress. Friends keep you on-budget (most of the time anyway) with everything and that's the kind of support a bride needs by her side. I treasure each and every one of my friends and can't imagine starting my new life without them to support me.

Also, my future husband would probably divorce me if he saw me treat my best friends and family like shit. Any sensible man wouldn't stand to watch that type of behavior. If you can treat your closest peeps like they don't matter to you, imagine how your husband might worry that you could easily treat him like that. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated! You're not the Queen, you're just a regular person acting extra and pushing away everyone good in your life.

I plan on making sure that those involved with helping me plan my wedding are treated as they always are, with love and respect. They don't have to take time out of their lives to help me plan, but they still will because that's what friends do. If I ever act an outlandish, extra fool towards one of my friends, I expect them to call me out right then and there.

If you want the wedding of your dreams, you have to have your friends and family there, or else it's going to be the worst day of your life, instead of the best day.

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