The Time I Shaved My Eyebrow Off

Let's Talk: The Time I Shaved My Eyebrow Off

My eyebrows have completely made a recovery since this incident, but my mental stability has not.


Back in the spring of 2016, I was a second-semester freshman who knew everything. You know, I thought that if I could make it back into my dorm, past the check-in desk, blackout drunk off one Natty Light I drank in a stranger's basement, I could take on anything. But, sis, I was wrong.

I was dating a fraternal man, and he had invited me to his formal. It was my first every fraternity formal AND it was in a different city, so you know tiny 18-year-old me was freaking out. I became obsessed with looking through '#formal' on Instagram and I was determined to look fire at this event.

But, young naïve 18-year-old me didn't think about the fact that there are literally tons of paid professionals who will glow you up for just a small fee, and she also procrastinated until a week before formal to even think about things like hair, nails, eyebrows, etc.

Here is the thing though, back in 2016 I didn't own a pair of tweezers. Yeah, I know. So, what I used instead was an eyebrow razor, and that was the start to the one life in my event I compare to the fall of the Roman Empire, mighty and depressing.

I had used this eyebrow razor before and nothing had gone wrong, I still had two perfectly thicc eyebrows. I used the razor to thin out the brow, from the tail to the start, I did my right eyebrow first which should have somewhat triggered my brain into thinking something was wrong because I always start with the left. (The left is favorite.)

I start thinning out my darling left brow, thinking about how bomb I'm about to look at this formal. I had this dope maroon dress that tied in the back, and it had a slit in the leg. Plus, I was going tanning and my skin HAD really started glowing, even if I was a little sunburnt. AND WITH THE GREY HEELS? SKSKSK, sis! I was going to slay.

While my mind had started to drift to how I would look, I didn't really realize that I wasn't being as precise with my movements anymore with my brow. Then, suddenly my hand jerked and with that, I had no left eyebrow.

I was devastated, she was gone. My eyes started welling up and I dropped to my knees in front of my standard issue dorm room mirror. How could this have happened, literally a week out and my eyebrow has left the chat. I was crying so hard, wheezing out small questions of if there is or isn't a God, and if so why had she let me do this to myself.

After about two more hours of mourning and multiple calls to my best friend, I decided to allow myself to calm down and look in the mirror again. My eyebrow looked like a 1920's flapper girl had taken possession but there was still hope.

So, if you ever decide to start shaving your eyebrows with a razor:


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Sorry Adults, I'm Going To Embrace My Generation's Uniqueness And There Is Nothing You Can Do To Stop Me

I'm going to embrace the selfies, social media, and the six Kardashian siblings.


Being almost 20 years old, I have lived through two decades. I witnessed the VERY end of the '90s, the entire early 2000's period, and now I have seen the 2010's almost all the way through. I was the kid who grew up watching Rugrats, watched Hannah Montana after school, to now watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians every Sunday night. I wore overalls as a baby which changed to Juicy Couture sweatsuits, which is now high waisted everything with a crop top. We take selfies every chance we get. We photograph every meal. Share our entire lives on Instagram and then watch other people's lives on Youtube.

And to the older generations, they don't get it.

Millennials and Gen Z get shamed for our "liberal and unique" personalities and lifestyles. For the generations before us, they don't understand why all of us are constantly watching Vine, screaming Ariana Grande lyrics, and ranting on Twitter 24/7. These are some of the things that define our generation. However, our generation is much more than pop culture and technology.

Our generation is more accepting of sexual fluidity, is racially diverse, and is very independent. We are environmentally aware and are striving to protect our planet. We are striving to make this world a better place. We want to be more accepting, more educated, and more open-minded.

Go back 50 years and life would be completely different. Races were separated. Sexual and gender fluidity was taboo or not even acknowledged. No one cared about recycling, composting, or self-sustainability. So, sure, my generation can't put down our iPhones, but my generation is probably one of the most influential generations and I'll take that.

I'm not trying to disregard previous generations. They went through some of the craziest periods in history. They dealt with wars, cultural economic depression, racism, slavery, and strict gender rules. Men worked and women were domesticated. People didn't spend money because of the lack thereof growing up. There wasn't much technology, really at all. It was a simpler time.

But do not forget, during the '60s, they loved afros and Elvis. The '70s loved bell bottoms and tons of tie-dye. The '80s was full of neon and big hair. These trends were of the times. They were exactly that... trends. I'm sure the Baby Boomers didn't understand Gen Y, just like how Gen Y doesn't understand Millennials. And, I'm sure Millennials are getting fed up with Gen Z. It's what happens. Time changes and commodities from your era just to fade into new commodities.

So, please stop shaming my generation for being obsessed with social media or loving Kylie Jenner a little too much. Let us take all the selfies we want. Let us express ourselves through art and sports. Encourage us to be whatever we want to be. It's our time now so let us enjoy it before time passes. We shouldn't have to be sorry for living through the times, like generations before we did.


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You Are So Important, Please Remember That

Please stick around, 'cause you and I can change the world but I need you here to do it.


I am a pretty understanding of being a sad bitch. I am diagnosed with clinical depression and I take antidepressants and I do the talk therapy, and it sometimes helps. But sometimes it doesn't. The problem with fighting with your own mind is that it is incredibly difficult to try and cope with day to day. I know what it feels like to be alone and want to go away permanently.

But I argue, what if we stay? I know that the pain can be unbearable, but please know there is somebody who maybe you never met right here on this small part of the world who cares about you and thinks that you are valuable. I understand where you are at but there is so much to live for.

It breaks my heart to think about the fact that anyone would ever think they don't matter at all, because how would the world have your special spark if you aren't here? It wouldn't. You matter you are so important. Every moment you are here is a beautiful, perfect moment. I don't know if you need to hear this or not but I am so glad that you have struggled through every moment and that you are still here. It means something.

So, keep trying if not for me for yourself. Or your mom, or if you don't talk to your mother maybe your third cousin that you have a weird relationship where you only exchange memes. Stay alive for that next moment because I promise it is worth it, you are meaningful in this life or you wouldn't exist.

Recently, it has just been really hard to accept that people can feel so low and leave everyone behind. I wish I could help the people suffering consistently, it is just... really hard to see so many young lives lost to their own battle.

Please stick around, 'cause you and I can change the world but I need you here to do it.

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