Let’s Eat (and drink) Our Way Through Universal Studios Hollywood
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Let’s Eat (and drink) Our Way Through Universal Studios Hollywood

I’m nothing if not a Universal Studios Hollywood fiend

Let’s Eat (and drink) Our Way Through Universal Studios Hollywood
Hailey Hastings via Canva

If we're all being honest here, I find joy in very few things, Universal Studios Hollywood is one of those things. From the way the air smells, to the music at different points in the park, to the unmatched feeling of seeing the Hogwarts castle at night, I don't think I will ever get sick of it. Now that I have a season pass and visit the parks whenever I can I feel like I have at least a little authority to play a tour guide of sorts to help you plan what to consume next time you find yourself in the entertainment capital of Los Angeles!

The Three Broomsticks

Harry Potter Mustache GIF by PeacockTVGiphy

Location: Just past Honeydukes inside Harry Potter World!

If you're a huge Harry Potter nerd like me, life doesn't get much better than sitting in The Three Broomsticks and having dinner as though you've been transported into your favorite films. Middle school me wouldn't even be able to wrap my head around the concept that a place could leap off screen like it does here!

What you're going to order:

. Bangers & Mash - Trust me, it's the best full meal you'll find at the park, and one of the best English courses I have found anywhere in the city.

Cletus’ Chicken Shack

Illustration Simpsons GIF by Juta StudioGiphy

Location: Near the back of The Simpsons area

Am I a huge fan of The Simpsons? Not really! But from the bright colors to the iconic theme song you can hear playing throughout the area, I always find myself wandering over there. While it's not my ideal place to grab food, if I am going to it has to be Cletus' Chicken Shack! If you're looking for an escape from the craziness of the park, Cletus' has an upstairs that hardly anyone ever occupies!

What you're going to order:

. Chicken & Waffle Sandwich - it WILL disappoint you but ask for extra sauce and you'll be fine.

Duff Brewery Beer Garden

sober the simpsons GIFGiphy

Location: right inside The Simpsons area (you cant miss it, it's huge)

I am a sucker for an average overpriced beer! So of course, you'll often find me drinking Duff in the beer garden. It's always full of the best people and no kids, it's the perfect environment at a theme park. I call for one on every corner, it's a must.

What you're going to order: a Duff, duh. And not lite, we're at a theme park people.

Mulligan's Pub

St Patricks Day Irish GIF by Guinness USGiphy

Location: across from The Secret Life of Pets ride

I only went into this place because I got blocked on all social media platforms by my ex while at Universal in December and desperately needed a drink, so Mulligan's it was! It's a really tiny space, but if you want a drink that is actually worth your money and will get the job done, this is the place for you.

What you're going to order:

.Jurassic Water - it's not on the menu but they'll know what it is, and it's heavenly.

Jurassic Cafe

Jurassic Park Opening GIF by RegalGiphy

Location: down a million escalators, outside the gates of the Jurassic World ride

Confession, I haven't ever eaten here. But the pictures of that Isla Chicken sandwich is enough to convince me that you, and I, both need to get down there and try this place! Anything Jurassic themed I'll eat up, I am a simple gal. Just a Steven Spielberg fan trying to live out her dreams.

What you're going to order:

.Isla Chicken Sandwich


Access Hollywood Drinking GIF by AccessGiphy

Location: Connected to The Three Broomsticks

Learning that you could order alcoholic Butterbeer has been the greatest Universal Studios hack TikTok has ever blessed me with. I have made every single person I have dragged to the park try it, and of course the have loved it. Plus, having a drink in Hogshead is all I wanted growing up, and now I get to live that out.

What you're going to order:

.Butterbeer (cold or frozen, don't order hot, lunatic) and add a shot (or two!) of Jameson, and there you have it! Boozy Butterbeer!

Hollywood & Dine

Red Carpet Hollywood GIF by Universal Parks and ResortsGiphy

Location: Right past all the gift shops when you enter the park

I have only stopped into Hollywood & Dine once, but it's one of the least busy spots in Universal Studios and has an immense amount of seating, so it's a win in my book. From Ramen, to Poke, this place has something for everyone! I though, I didn't get food, I got a drink. Typical.

What you're going to order:

Mango Blue Tea Boba - It's heavenly, the perfect way to refresh yourself after eating the heaviest theme park food.

Isla Nu-Bar

Jurassic Park Breathing GIF by VidiotsGiphy

Location: Right outside the Jurassic World entrance

Do I always make it a point to hit the Isla Nu-Bar first? Yes! I am sorry, but starting your day with alcohol at a theme park is perfectly reasonable! It prepares you for the kids, and the Karen's that you're bound to piss off because you're showing a shoulder or above the knee in ninety degree weather. Or because you cussed in front of their twelve year old.

Just get a drink to start the day.

What you're going to order:

.Bird of Paradise - it tastes like rum and summer

NBC Sports Grill & Brew

bar drinking GIF by hateplowGiphy

Location: Mid-way through City Walk on the right side

I went here for the first time with my boyfriend and couldn't have loved the vibes more. They have an extensive menu that I hope I have the chance soon to dive deeper into! I haven't ever been a sports bar gal, but this place could change me! It's like a high-end sports bar, not the sports bar in your hometown where the trump supporters gather to yell about football players getting "too political." This place is just good drinks, a nice setting, and is fairly priced! Win-win!

What you're going to order:

. Berry Truth

Bubba Gump

tom hanks bubba GIF by Paramount MoviesGiphy

Location: There is zero way you can miss the sign in City Walk, I don't need to tell you

Bubba Gump is a place I'll defend to the death. Do I like the food? No! But, I just can't think of anywhere I'd rather be then sitting at the bar at the Bubba Gump's at City Walk talking to the bartenders and drinking an overly priced Forrest Gump themed drink. It's a top tier experience and the best date spot, how can you not have fun while in a place like that?

What you're going to order:

.Gold & Honey - this drink is god tier, you'll thank me later.

Voodoo Donut


Location: Near the end of City Walk towards Buca di Beppo!

I am from the Pacific Northwest, so I had to end this list with this little piece of home I was so happy to find at City Walk. Voodoo is the superior donut chain, sorry Krispy Kreme, sorry Dunkin. This is the perfect way to end your night.

What you're going to order:

. Vegan Oreo donut - something about the vegan one is just fluffier

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