In America, we never miss one moment to celebrate. We have a holiday for almost everything, but one specific holiday often goes unnoticed. June 19th is a holiday known as Juneteenth. It marks the abolishment of slavery in Texas, the last state to do so. Therefore, June 19th symbolizes the official end of slavery in the United States. Though the holiday has gained more recognition lately, many are still confused on how to exactly celebrate Juneteenth besides posting/sharing on Instagram. Personally, this is how I celebrate this joyous day.

1. Read Up on History


Juneteenth is a great day to take time and remember where you came from. Learn a little about black history, or historic black people, and just educate yourself. The more educated we are about our history, the better we can understand the world that we live - with its faults and positives

2. Have a BBQ


Just like we celebrate Independence day with fireworks and BBQs, why not do the save for Juneteenth? Buy some burgers and hotdogs, invite over some friends and family, and celebrate Juneteenth together! This is a great way to start a tradition, and educate friends and family members who may not know what Juneteenth is.

3. Express Graditude


From slavery to voting rights, black people have gone through a lot in the history of our country, but we never stop fighting. Juneteenth is a great chance to give a moment of silence to past family members, unnamed slaves, and others who gave their lives for the equality that we have today! Though there is still a ways to go, we have definitely come a lot farther than out past!