Let Me Tell You Something About My Best Friend

Let Me Tell You Something About My Best Friend

Keep your best friends super tight, especially in times of need!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are getting back into the swing of things and staying away from the flu bug that is going around. Unfortunately, that bug found me and bit me with full force! I've been sick with the flu for four days now and it hasn't been fun at all. Luckily, I have my best friend who attends Texas Tech University with me and she is always there when I need her. Micaiah, if you are reading this I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of me this past week. This one is for you, girl!

Saturday morning, I woke up with a fever of 103 and I knew right then and there that it wasn't just a cold. Usually, when I am sick, I would walk one room over to find my Mom lying in bed and expect her to take care of me... but I am an adult now.

I now live five and a half hours away from my family and this whole college experience is teaching me how to take care of myself without my parents wrapped around my finger. Realizing how terrible I felt, my first instinct was to see a doctor immediately.

I called the first person that came to mind which is my best friend, Micaiah Bradford. I asked her if she could take me to the doctor and she did what any best friend would do: she went above and beyond. Before I knew it, we were grabbing Tamiflu, soup, water, and everything else that is needed to treat the flu from the pharmacy, and then we headed back to her apartment.

Micaiah is a year ahead of me so she doesn't have to live on campus like I currently do. As soon as we stepped foot in her place, she set up a sleeping area of my own on her couch downstairs. She is such a great friend of mine because she respected the fact that I did not want to get anyone else in the dorms sick, especially my roommate. Micaiah was kind enough to sacrifice her own chance of catching the flu just to support and take care of me. Now I don't know about you, but I can only count on one hand of the people that might actually do all of the things she has done for me this past week.

There are not many people like Micaiah and I thank God as often as I can for a friend like her. It has certainly been a rough weekend for the both of us and I am happy that she is able to be by my side as I am experiencing what it is like to have the flu for the first time. I am slowly recovering from this bug and I want to thank you, Micaiah, for being an absolute angel to me. I could not ask for a better friend!

Thank you for reading this week, I hope this encourages you to hold your close ones tight and thank them for all they do for you. Have a great week and keep those hands squeaky clean!

Cover Image Credit: Delaney Moreno

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The Coach That Killed My Passion

An open letter to the coach that made me hate a sport I once loved.

I fell in love with the game in second grade.

I lived for every practice and every game. I lived for the countless hours in the gym or my driveway perfecting every shot, every pass, and every move I could think of. Every night after dinner, I would go shoot and would not allow myself to go inside until I hit a hundred shots. I had a desire to play, to get better and to be the best basketball player I could possibly be.

I had many coaches between church leagues, rec leagues, personal coaches, basketball camps, middle school, and high school. Most of the coaches I had the opportunity to play for had a passion for the game like I did. They inspired me to never stop working. They would tell me I had a natural ability. I took pride in knowing that I worked hard and I took pride in the compliments that I got from my coaches and other parents. I always looked forward to the drills and, believe it or not, I even looked forward to the running. These coaches had a desire to teach, and I had a desire to learn through every good and bad thing that happened during many seasons. Thank you to the coaches that coached and supported me through the years.

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Along with the good coaches, are a few bad coaches. These are the coaches that focused on favorites instead of the good of the entire team. I had coaches that no matter how hard I worked, it would never be good enough for them. I had coaches that would take insults too far on the court and in the classroom.

I had coaches that killed my passion and love for the game of basketball.

When a passion dies, it is quite possibly the most heartbreaking thing ever. A desire you once had to play every second of the day is gone, it turns into dreading every practice and game. It turns into leaving every game with earphones in so other parents don't talk to you about it. It meant dreading school the next day due to everyone talking about the previous game. My passion was destroyed when a coach looked at me in the eyes and said, "You could go to any other school and start varsity, but you just can't play for me."

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Looking back now at the amount of tears shed after practices and games, I just want to say to this coach:

Making me feel bad about myself doesn't make me want to play and work hard for you, whether in the classroom or on the court. Telling me that, "Hard work always pays off," and not keeping that word doesn't make me want to work hard either. I spent every minute of the day focusing on making sure you didn't see the pain that I felt, and all of my energy was put towards that fake smile when I said I was OK with how you treated me. There are not words for the feeling I got when parents of teammates asked why I didn't play more or why I got pulled after one mistake, I simply didn't have an answer. The way you made me feel about myself and my ability to play ball made me hate myself, not only did you make me doubt my ability to play, but you also turned my teammates against me to where they didn't trust my abilities. I would not wish the pain you caused me on my greatest enemy. I pray that one day, eventually, when all of your players quit coming back that you realize that it isn't all about winning records. It's about the players.

You can have winning records without a good coach if you have a good team, but you won't have a team if you can't treat players with the respect they deserve.

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Cover Image Credit: Equality Charter School

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The New 'Special One' Returns (Again) To Real Madrid

Soccer fans across the globe question what Zidane will be able to accomplish this time with a Madrid side that has faced many issues this season.


On March 11, Spanish club Real Madrid announced that they would be firing former manager Santiago Solari and replace him with Zinedine Zidane immediately. This marks a second reign of leadership the Frenchman will have with the club as coach (he managed Real Madrid from the 2016-2018 seasons which resulted in nine trophies). Zidane left in May of 2018 just days after he helped secure a third consecutive Champions League title. This was the last time football fans and supporters ever saw Real Madrid on top of Europe. Since then, things have gone South for the Spanish giants.

The defending champions have been knocked out of both the Copa Del Rey and Champions League competitions. The La Liga club is also 12 points behind league leaders and arch-rivals Barcelona (which only adds more pain). Saying things have fallen apart at Real Madrid is an understatement. I can't think of many moments in which the team was this low. Real Madrid is one of (if not) the biggest soccer club in the world. They are more than a club. It's an iconic, brand-name powerhouse which has always had a long history of success.

So, seeing them lose over and over again is a weird thing to witness as a football fan. In my opinion, I think Zidane will alleviate some of Madrid's issues to a certain degree. I am almost 100 percent sure he will be able to fix the chemistry issues in the locker room. Players on the team have mentioned how much they enjoy playing for Zidane. He brings out the best in the squad and every player is content with their involvement on the field. Now I'm not going to be unrealistic and say Zidane is going to win Champions League for Real Madrid next season, but you never know.

The key thing to watch in the off-season is how much money Real Madrid is willing to spend. They have historically always been big spenders in the transfer window periods. To me, that is the crucial component of whether or not things will turn around for the club. Money (and lots of it) most of the time equals success in sports. Team President Florentino Perez has to open up his checkbook and allow Zidane to go all-out to get whatever he needs to change things at Real Madrid. If this happens, I have no doubts in my mind that Los Blancos will eventually return to being on top of the world.

All I know is that if Zidane restores the glory days at Real Madrid, people should start calling him "the special one" and not Jose Mourinho anymore.

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