11 Lessons I Learned Dancing #FTK
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11 Lessons I Learned Dancing #FTK

After two years of dancing for 24 hours straight, I know a few things.

11 Lessons I Learned Dancing #FTK
Noah Brown

Dance Marathon is one of the greatest events at BGSU, and being involved in it the past two years has not only been amazing but also it has been a learning experience. Throughout the year you work as hard as you can to fundraise as much money as you can for those miracle children in the hospital, then for a grand finale, you stand on your feet for 24 full hours. This experience is emotional, impactful, testing, but most of all it is rewarding.

After being a dancer my first year, and then a morale captain my second, here are 14 lessons that I learned while dancing #FTK.

1. Always bring the Gold Bond

Listen, chaffing is a real issue and I don't think that we as participants in such an amazing event shed enough light on this. It happens okay, just be prepared for when it does, and bring something to fight back.

2. It's not that deep 

You are going to experience some pain or discomfort around hour 19, or maybe hour 20 — regardless, for you, it's not that deep. There are bigger issues, being faced by kids way smaller and way younger than you, so just keep pushing through, because you're doing this for them.

3. Embrace the colors

Noah Brown

Dance Marathon is one of the most colorful events that I have ever been to, and that is probably because I have yet to attend a PRIDE festival since coming out, but I imagine they look very similar.

4. Marshmallows are for more than just delicious campfire snacks

Although one time I did make a s'more over the stove, that is beside the point. Come hour 22, when your feet are numb, there is nothing like stepping on a bag of fluffy white 'mallows in order to soothe the pain. And for that matter, rolling a tennis ball on your foot is a game changer as well.

5. 24 hours and 2 minutes of your time, changes lives

The 24 hours is the time that you actually spend at the event, while the 2 minutes is about how much time it takes to register. The time that you spend there literally changes and saves lives — take that, Meredith Grey.

6. You learn who your people are

Thank you, Kaylee, for being my person

Noah Brown

Those 24 hours are rough, but having true friends that bring you jimmy johns at midnight, or coffee at 8 a.m. are the ones that help you get through it.

7. Invest in a portable charger

There aren't many outlets in the field house, plus you aren't allowed to be posted up against a wall. Having a charger that allows you to still walk around and not let you stand long enough to lock your knees is essential.

8. Raves at 5 a.m. are IMPORTANT

First of all, a rave at 5 a.m. surrounded by a bunch of miracle makers is so energizing and helps you forget about the fact that you still have twelve hours to go. Plus, it is just fun.

9. Miracle kids are so loving

Kristi Coe Frederick

At my last Ziggython, I spent 50 dollars to sit in a ball pit for 50 minutes, and the whole time, I sat in there with a kid who didn't even know me, but still played and laughed with me like I was his older brother. *Sheds tear*

10. The days following... well- good luck, Charlie

Nick Drown

Your feet are swollen, your limbs are sore, sitting and standing suddenly is challenging and takes a lot of mental preparation, but remember, it is all FTK.

11. Fundraising is not that hard

Fundraising page after Ziggython 2018

Noah Brown

Have you ever wanted to be a Youtuber? Or maybe start a vlog? Well, being involved in Dance Marathon gives you that shameless plug you need to do all of that. You can vlog throughout the year or maybe for one full day with different challenges to raise money, or you can create a video with all of the footage you capture from the event, or you can share your experiences throughout the event. All you have to do is register!

Listen, all I am saying is not only is this a life-changing experience for those that decide to get involved but also you are changing the lives of the miracle children that we sponsor. Keep an eye out for when registration for Dance Marathon at BGSU opens, because who wouldn't want to be involved in such a great organization, especially at one of the founding five schools!

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