5 Important Lessons Humans Could Learn From Plants
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5 Important Lessons Humans Could Learn From Plants

Living a little bit simpler can go a long way.

Pexels via Akil Mazumder

Humans think that they're the smartest beings on the planet. Humans forget that there's a whole world around them that they can learn so much from. It's not just about learning from other animals, but about everything around them that they didn't create that can go such a long way, especially plants. Here are a few lessons from nature that we should all remember from time to time.


The amount that plants go through throughout their lifetime can be a lesson that all humans should learn from. Even after they are stepped on, go through storms of all kinds, and are polluted in everyday life, they keep growing. They keep springing back up and grow through all of the pain and obstacles they encounter every day.


Humans can learn so much through the simplicity of plants. Water, sunlight, and a good environment are all a plant needs to really flourish.

Sunshine goes a long way

It's crazy how much a little sunlight can do for both a plan and for a human. Getting outside, feeling the sun on your skin, and taking some time to enjoy that, can do wonders for both your mind and your body.

Internal work is so important

Plants don't outwardly project all of the work they're doing day-to-day. They work on themselves, mostly internally, and the world only sees all of the hard work when the flower decides it's strong enough to bloom. Do the work on the inside so that when people see the finished product, they can marvel over your beauty, just like they do a flower that's blooming.


Most people don't see what a plan does day-to-day. Plants don't rush around and show everyone how busy they are. They are beautiful in their stillness and we love them for their stillness. It's okay to learn from that stillness and have stillness be a part of your life.

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