To My Sisters:

I just wanted to tell you both how much I love you. As the youngest of us, I have learned most of who I am by watching you both. For my entire life, I have had a front-row seat to of your accomplishments and failures. It has given me the opportunity to learn from your mistakes before I make my own. It's a true sacrifice you never knew you were making. There is nothing I am more grateful in my life for than the fact that I was able to grow up with you two.

Sometimes we sit together and compare ourselves to sisters in movies and TV shows (OK, mostly "Despicable Me") but our relationship is something someone would describe as... indescribable.

As we all get older the time we get to spend together seems to shorten but I know that is only a symptom of being adults. Luckily, I took mental notes growing up and know that having you two as sisters gave me the life lessons to be able to survive in the "real world."

I have learned to be courageous and confident. Sometimes we have to do things that we really, REALLY don't want to do. I've watched you both "fake it till you make it" and pass it off without anyone giving it a second thought. You taught me that confidence will get you to the finish line, whether it was genuine or not so much.

By watching you two, I was taught how to laugh at myself. This is one of the most valuable things I learned how to do. We are not the most graceful bunch around so being able to laugh off our embarrassing moments has been a blessing.

You have taught me everything from sharing to embracing my talents.

There is no one else footsteps I would have wanted to follow in because even if our paths stray, I know that it will never be for long.