Hello dear readers,

Today's topic is a favorite of mine: comic book characters. Whether they be in the format of beautiful comic pages or animation or live action I have a great love for comic book characters. With the up coming "Suicide Squad" movie, all the great DC and Marvel shows bringing unknown characters like Captain Boomerang, Arsenal (Aka Roy Harper) and so many more to life before my eyes I want to talk about some more lesser know characters that I love.

1.) Redhood (aka the second Robin aka Jason Todd)

I can not express to you all the love I have for this character. I am always drawn to the underdogs and Jason was an underdog. While he was originally popular after a revamp of his origin story fans of the Baatman comics decided they didn't really like him that much so DC Comic held a telephone poll for the 1988 comic "Batman: A Death in The Family" to decide whether or not Jason should get killed at the hands of the ultimate Batman Villain Joker. The vote was close (5,343 for, 5,271 against) Jason was killed during that comic only to come back to life both in the animated movies and the comics as Redhood (he was also Nightwing for a second in the comics but I'm not going to talk about that because it was more of a minor plot in my opinion) Redhood meant to be a reminder of the Jokers origins as well as I can tell. Redhood is definitely more of an antihero than Mr. Wayne trained Todd to be he has his own idea of a moral code which you can learn all about by going out and getting one of his comics. My personal favorite non-Batman based series for him is "Redhood and the Outlaws."

2.) Starfire (aka Kori)

I am not talking about adorably confused "Teen Titans" Starfire here I am talking badass comic book Starfire. (Who is in the aforementioned Redhood comic) Starfire in the comics is entertaining to say nothing else she has a limited understand of human culture but this alien princess has no need to learn. As a result of war on her home Planet Kori was enslaved and suffered many tragic acts in the comics but this turned her into a fiery (literally at times) and strong female character who takes no shit from anyone let me tell you.

3.) Laura Kinney (aka Wolverine)

You didn't think all of these were going to be DC did you? Nah lets talk about this lady with claws shall we. Laura is actually Logan's clone, she was created as part of the Weapon X project, you know where Logan got that shiny metal attached to his bones. She was cloned from his DNA from the original project. Anyway after you know being born Laura did a whole mess of things, she even got interrogated by Captain America and Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) said that she was innocent of her crimes despite having committed them because of her background growing up in practical solitude and being raised to be nothing but a weapon. She eventually ends up taking on the Wolverine Mantel and becomes Wolverine herself.

4.) Joker's Daughter (aka Duela Dent)

If you're like me and have a place in your heart for Harley Quinn you should know she wasn't the only woman Joker drove crazy. Duela Dent originally appeared as Joker's Daughter in the Batman Family comics (aren't you guys glad I came full circle here?) having been portrayed as both a hero and villain in her time and for good reason. This girl is crazy her origin as I understand it involves a demented love for the joker resulting in her taking his cut off face and having it sewn onto her's. Can I say gross? She has even teamed up with Harley Quinn in a few Suicide Squad comics. Let's leave it to say they didn't get along most of the time.

5.)Moon Knight (aka Marc Spector aka Marvel's Batman)

Did you know that Marvel had a basically more crazy version of Batman? Well they do he is an ex mercenary who made a deal with a god that saved him to stop crime. He has all the aspects of Batman we enjoy more money than he will ever uses, bad ass toys plus he is unstable and about two steps away from Batman wanting to throwing him in Arkham. Anyway had Batman joined up with Ra's and been an Assassin they would basically be the same person.

6.) Cloak and Dagger (aka Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen)

A Marvel team Cloak and Dagger came into their powers after being dosed on what to summarize is basically super heroin that should have killed them. After surviving the two street kid friends teamed up to start a war on drugs. Dagger creates daggers of light that can heal addiction and Cloak is always cloaked in darkness and the two work together to fight drugs on the streets of New York. Oh and just a fun fact Tandy is from Shaker Heights Cleveland.

So to learn more about these amazing characters go pick up a comic book. Enjoy and share with your friends.