"Parks and Rec" is without a doubt one of the best sitcoms on TV today. In the story, set in the small town of Pawnee-Indiana, many unique and diverse characters can be found, like Tom, Ron, and April, among others. But, the queen is definitely the main character, Leslie Knope.

Amy Poehler gives life to a heroine that is still a human. She achieves whatever she wants to, but in her own way she struggles, fails, gets tired, etc. She is not perfect.

After watching the seven seasons of the show, I think the biggest lesson Leslie Knope teaches in "Parks and Rec" is that with passion, perseverance, having a true belief and, most of all, having a human focus, even the most impossible ideas can become a reality.

Inspired by Leslie Knope I would like to share the reasons why she is a genius:

1. She doesn't care if she looks ridiculous in order to get what she wants #noshame.

2. She knows how to deal with her feelings and she still gets the job done #brave.

3. She will always let you know what she is thinking #nomatterwhat.

4. She loves breakfast food #thebest.

5. She believes in team work #bestteam.

6. She's the friend who will always be there #bff.

7. She makes great dance moves when she feels it's right, no matter when, where or with whom #dirtydancing.

8. She makes a great team with Ben (and their dance moves are just the perfect match) #meanttobe.

9. She knows how to group party #snakejuice.

10. She talks to herself #control.

11. She loves herself #sexy.

12. She tells people she loves to f*** off when she needs to #bloodwithdrwall.

13. She just rocks! #leslieknope