15 Times Leslie Knope Perfectly Described Feminism

Leslie Knope, the protagonist of the popular television show "Parks and Recreation," played by Amy Poehler, is a hilarious, confident, positive female role model who every girl can appreciate. Leslie is not only a member of Pawnee, Indiana's city council, but also Deputy of the city's Parks and Recreation department. Leslie constantly voices her opinions on women's rights, politics, friendship, relationships, and so much more. Although extremely quirky, Leslie offers some amazing insight into feminism and what it means to be a woman in America today.

1. Friendship

2. Self-love

3. Women's Rights

4. Dieting

5. Politics

6. Having Strong Female Role Models

7. "Meninism"

8. Empowering Women (And Yourself)

9. Relationships

10. Setting Goals For Yourself

11. Body Positivity

12. Personal Style

13. Praising The Women In Your Life

14. Sex Positivity

15. Being The Best That You Can Be

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