We Need To Talk About THAT Lenny Bruce Episode In Season 3 Of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Amazon Prime released season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and of course, after waiting a year because I binged season 2 last December, I binged the entire season 3 in a weekend, despite having finals.

Sooo... Let's talk about that episode. You know, episode 03x05. You know, the episode where Lenny Bruce comes and visits Midge at her show in Florida. And then they spend the entire night together. And he looks at her like that.


Let me just say, I want nothing more than-- and I cannot say this enough-- for someone to look at me the way Lenny looks at Midge.

There are not gifs made yet of those scenes, which is illegal because I want them now, so I'm going to just have to explain them.

He sends her those flowers, which, Lenny Bruce does not seem like the type of guy to send a girl flowers unless he really cares about her. And then Abe stands up to him and goes to jail with him, and then bails him out. It has nothing to do Midge, but it was sweet anyway.

He may be living in Florida, but he came to see Midge perform at her show, which is super sweet. And then he invites her out to dinner, but not before going to that Miami After Dark thing. To be completely honest, with a show called "Miami After Dark," I did not think it was just a talk show. I sincerely thought Lenny had brought Midge to a show that was going to take... a different turn. But then Lenny brings Midge on and they do a husband and wife schtick and it's the cutest darn thing!

And then... And then. Dinner. The scene opens with that weird-ass performance but the real performance is Lenny and Midge staring at each other, mentally undressing one another and having sex with their eyes. I melted. And then they dance and it's all sensual and sexy.

And when he took her back to his apartment hotel room, I really thought they were going to do it. I thought, finally, after three seasons, they were going to kiss or even more! And then nothing! I'm made! I can't be the only one who's mad! Midge gave up Benjamin and then she passed on Lenny Bruce? I get the whole independent woman thing, but a girl must have needs!

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