A Legend Steps Down:

"You are looking live!" is the most iconic symbol of 77 year old Brent Musburger, who has been commentating for many years. Year after year, fans waited to hear the outstanding voice of Musburger through College Football and Basketball. Musburger was most known for his work on College Football on Saturday Night Primetime with Kirk Herbstreit, traveling around the country to the biggest games of the weekend. While he his likely most famous for Saturday Night Football, Musburger did not start his career at the top of the commentating chain.

Brent Musburger began his career in 1973 with CBS, commentating play-by-play for the National Football League (NFL), and eventually rose in prominence as the host of NFL Today and began receiving many other assignments from CBS with sports such as College Football, College Basketball, and the NBA. Musburger would eventually leaving CBS in 1990. While Musburger left CBS, that was certainly not the last that we would hear from him...

Later in the same year, Musburger signed a contract with ABC and even worked with ESPN as he continued to call some NFL, NBA, College Football, and College Basketball games, spending more time on College Football and College Basketball. Along with major American sports, Musburger also called events such as Tour De France and was also the host for the 1998 and 2006 World Cups.

Beginning in 2006, Brent Musburger joined Kirk Herbstreit along with analysis Bob Davie on Saturday Night Primetime for College Football. Musburger became very well known during his stint as the play-by-play announcer on Saturday Night Primetime, calling some of the most memorable primetime games such as Wisconsin and Michigan State in 2011, the National Championship between Auburn and Oregon in 2010, and many other games down the stretch.

After 7 years of calling Saturday Night Football, Brent Musburger stepped down and host of College Game Day at the time, Chris Fowler, took over his role. While Musburger was no longer calling primetime games, he became the play-by-play commentator for the SEC Network and also called major bowl games such as the Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl. His final College Football came on January 2nd, 2017 where the Oklahoma Sooners took on the Auburn Tigers in the Sugar Bowl. Musburger was ridiculed for wishing Joe Mixon the best of luck in the NFL. Mixon punched a female student in a bar in 2014 and claimed that he had no remorse for the incident.

Musburger continued calling games for College Basketball once the Football season ended and surprised many people when he announced that he would be retiring and moving to Las Vegas. The announcement comes as a very sad one as Musburger was one of the most iconic sports casters in history, and his name will certainly live on for many years as fans honor the beloved idol. Musburger will call the final game of his career on January 31, a Tuesday Night basketball game featuring the Georgia Bulldogs traveling to Rump Arena to take on the Kentucky Wildcats.

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