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First and foremost, I would love to see how the people who informed Stephen A. Smith, ESPN's First Take co-host, about LeBron supposedly "texting" Kevin Durant to "join him" in L.A. got their information.

Second of all, I understand the media is doing "their job" and informing the public of what people -- or most people -- probably wanted to know, but I don't know, that just seems to be crossing the line.

Like Bron really can't talk to KD, huh? What if this "breaking news" was an over exaggeration? What if he asked him about life? Or if they wanted to hang out in L.A. together? I don't know, these are just some of the questions I think about.

The media is too hungry sometimes -- or a lot of the times -- and it's disappointing at times honestly because it gets to the point where they become so involved with their jobs that they lose that respect of privacy along with their dignity.

Anyway, enough of my much needed rant about the media.

If LeBron James and Kevin Durant team up, that's honestly the end of basketball.

Whichever team that would end of getting them would be an evil genius, for lack of better words. Imagine having the two best NBA players on one team?

That's like when Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson teamed up for Jackson's "Jam" music video -- the world would explode; there's much legendary-ness in that one video.

Even though what I just said was very corny, I stand by my statement -- no one would have a chance.

Also, the thing that gets me the most is why would teaming up even cross their mind?

Bron definitely already knows he's "GOAT"-level and so does KD. Therefore, wouldn't it be KD's goal to be better than him? And wouldn't it be Bron's goal to let no one surpass him?

So, why would they ever team up if they're both trying to outdo each other?

This is also a reason why I was so confused when KD went to the Warriors because that was a really weak move. I understand he wanted a ring and a title so bad, but that's not it. But I mean, he got it anyway.

And before we get into the "LeBron did the same thing!" No. Just no.

Bron went to the Heat and recruited Chris Bosh to join Dwyane Wade and beat the then-unstoppable Boston Celtics; KD went to the team that was well-established and was the reason they got knocked out of the playoffs. Next.

So yeah, Bron, please just go to the Lakers either by yourself or with Mo Williams (I just had to mention Mo because I loved him... but seriously don't team up with KD! Thanks).

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