18 Things That Should Be Left In 2018

18 Things We Can All Agree Should Be Left In 2018

Some things are just better left in the past.


As many reflect on what the 2018 has had to offer, we are all reminded of some of the sweetest (and cringiest) moments of the past 12 months. While we carry growth and knowledge from this year with us into 2019, there are a few things we should simply let die when the ball drops at midnight.

1. The pointless battle between Laurel and Yanny

This year's version of the dress caused a division among the best of us. Friendships were tested, relationships were broken, and the fools who think they heard "Laurel" are still living among us.

2. Season 22 of "The Bachelor" (really just Arie)


The Laurel vs. Yanny crisis may have resulted in conflict, but most can agree Arie is the actual worst after breaking off his engagement with cameras present. "Bachelor" fans across the nation rallied together in support of Becca K. as we all did our part in trash-talking Arie on Twitter. Hopefully, the season 23 finale in 2019 will leave us able to look at the bachelor without feeling the need to punch a wall.

3. Taylor Swift's awkward dancing


As a die-hard Taylor Swift fan, I was far too excited when the "Delicate" music video was released. I expected a fun storyline to match the song; however, I was met with dance moves matching that of an injured pigeon try to hobble along. We love you, Taylor, but you may consider adopting a new move or two in the upcoming year.

4. The straw crisis


Remember when someone whispered straws killed turtles and paper straws suddenly appeared out of thin air? Dark times. I would actually rather spill my entire iced coffee on my new top than partially eat a soggy paper straw. Although, I have to admit I always enjoy specially asking for a straw at Starbucks and then watching the barista look both ways before sliding one over the counter to me like the villain in a "Mission: Impossible" movie.

5. "Let's get this bread"


I have no idea where this saying came from, and I have no desire to find out. I love bread as much as the next person, but to get it every single morning is a bit excessive. Also, every time someone says it, all I can think about is Oprah's Weight Watchers commercial. I wonder if she has to "get this bread" every morning as well.

6. Every teenage guy's obsession with Fortnite


Fortnite. Is. Not. Cool. I had no idea why this game took off over the past year, then I actually watched someone play it and the female avatar explained it all. Weird flex, but okay.

7. Flossing or, as the OG fans call it, The Backpack Kid Dance


I first learned to floss in 2017 (the dance, that is,) but I still think it would be best to officially end this craze in 2018. As funny as it is to watch everyone learn this move, looking at you Ted Danson, I am absolutely tired of being whacked at sporting events while the kid next to me is doing the move to get on the jumbo screen.

8. Making dumb decisions with the Tide Pod Challenge

Who looked at a Tide Pod and thought it would be a good idea to eat one and video the entire experience?! It is a sad day when I cannot buy Tide Pods from the grocery store because they are locked up for all costumers under 21. Your girl needs to do laundry, and the not-even-funny 16-year-old YouTubers are not helping me out.

9. The naïve belief Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were actually going to get married


When I found out these two were dating, I thought it was a joke. Pete Davidson's sense of humor is not that complex, so it seemed to be on his level. And once the two began referencing each other in their work, seen in Davidson's appearance on SNL's Weekend Update and Grande's song "Pete Davidson," I assumed a break was soon to follow. Do what you have to do to reach a larger audience; welcome to Hollywood.

10. People who vape in your face while you're walking to class

Vaping has been on the rise for years, but 2018 reached an all-time high for its popularity. As one of the few college students tired of this trend, I am here to beg everyone with a juul to keep thEIR NICOTINE-FILLED, COTTON-CANDY-SCENTED VAPE OUT OF MY FACE WHILE I AM MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS. If you feel the need to have an addiction, even if it looks cool when you do it, please keep it away from me.

11. Every single scene from "The Kissing Booth"


I know. I know. This was one of the hit summer rom-coms. I'm sorry, but it is just so cringey. Even the love interest of the movie made me want to gift him a book on how to act like a normal human being when in normal human situations. Also, can we quit throwing Molly Ringwald in teen movies? She is a person. Quit using her to try to get the parents of today to watch cheesy movies meant for the average high school sophomore.

12. The kid who just really wanted a good selfie


This kid ended up on one of the most-watched events in the history of national television, but that is nothing to him as long as he has the perfect selfie with Justin Timberlake. He has no idea who Justin Timberlake is, but once again, at least he has a killer selfie with the guy.

13. Yodeling in Wal-Mart


When I first saw a video of a boy yodeling in the middle of Wal-Mart, I wasn't that surprised. You have to admit, weirder things have happened there. However, I was surprised when this same kid came out with a single and eventually went on tour. Contrary to the thoughts of my 13-year-old sister and all her friends, "Famous" is not a "bop" and would do well to stick around in 2018 with the others on this list.

14. Asking your mom how long it takes to cook a turkey in the microwave


This past Thanksgiving, every college girl died with laughter when their moms texted them against putting a turkey in the microwave. My own mother responded to my text with a simple "That's illegal!" and spoke of it no more. I don't really know why we all found this trend so funny, but I guess it was nicer than the #ThanksgivingClapback trend from the year before.

15. The creepiest mascot in all of history


Meet Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers' new mascot for this season. He is a cross between Animal from "The Muppets" and that thing that used to chase you with a chainsaw in your childhood nightmares. I'm not saying the person who thought this would be a good idea for a mascot is delusional, but I'm not saying he isn't either.

16. Breaking laws with The "In My Feelings" Challenge

I actually love watching these videos of teenagers hopping out of moving vehicles and doing a phenomenal job dancing while keeping up with the car they escaped from, but it is still illegal, and the song isn't even that great, so I think we may want to just forget this trend ever happened.

17. The guy who came up with "IHOB"


I was among the many outraged when IHOP scared us with this attempt at promoting their burgers. We all panicked, thinking it meant the end of pancakes and bacon and waffles and more. 2018 was a stressful year as it was, and IHOP, you did not help out.

18. All the crazy American romantics who woke up at 4 a.m. to watch the royal wedding


An American walking down the aisle to marry a handsome prince and become a princess herself? You bet I got up in the middle of the night to watch this live. I must admit, though, this craze was a bit much. To this day, I still feel the shame of watching the ceremony at 4 a.m. just to discover the entire day would be replayed on every single news program for the next 2 weeks.

2018 was one for the books. If we are lucky, these items will stay in the books, never to return again. Here's to a new year with new trends we will loathe just as much as the ones before.

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19 YouTubers You Need To Watch, Favorite And Subscribe To In 2019

Because who really watches TV anymore?


YouTube is great for someone who doesn't have the time or desire to watch movies or full-length episodes of shows, but it can be hard to find a YouTuber you like.

Here are 19 YouTubers everyone should be watching in 2019!

1. MissRemiAshten

Remi Cruz

Remi Cruz may be the most fun-loving and positive twenty-something on the internet and if you're not watching her already you need to stop reading this article and watch one of her videos right now! Remi posts lifestyle and fitness related videos multiple times a week on her main channel MissRemiAshten and her vlog channel RemLife. Remi is a glass-half-full kind of gal and watching her will help you look on the bright side too!

2. AlishaMarie

Alisha Marie

Alisha is another ray of sunshine, who posts anything from DIY, room decor, lifestyle and collabs with her YouTube besties! One of those besties just so happens to be Remi Cruz, and together they host a podcast called Pretty Basic, where they share stories and talk about their experiences in hopes that they can help their listeners going through similar things.

3. James Charles

James Charles

James Charles quickly became the makeup Queen of YouTube! This sister posts the most stunning makeup looks ranging from everyday wear to total glam, perfect for special events. James collaborated with Morphe Cosmetics to create his very own pallet that inspires everyone to unleash their inner artist. The James Charles Pallet launched November 2, 2018, and has basically been out of stock since then, it's so popular.

4. KathleenLights

Kathleen Lights

Kathleen Lights is one of the most honest, yet funny, beauty gurus on the internet. She's a firey Miami native who loves a good glam look! Kathleen collaborates with Colourpop regularly to create her own products. She is obsessed with all things astrology and incorporates Zodiac signs in many of her makeup products, one pallet is even titled "The Zodiac."

5. Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard

You may recognize Safiya from her days at Buzzfeed when she starred in the popular series "Ladylike," but since leaving Buzzfeed in March of 2017, Safiya has accumulated 6.8 million subscribers of her own on her YouTube channel. Safiya is most known for testing new products, following hacks and reporting back to her subscribers with the honest results.

6. Meghan Rienks

Meghan Rienks

Meghan is like that brutally honest friend that some people think is mean, but really they just haven't gotten a chance to get to know her. She's a busy lady as she's a working actress in L.A., has her own apparel and accessories online store called "Martie" and hosts her own advice podcast called "Don't Blame Me." After watching Meghan you'll wish she was your best friend.

7. Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna

Formally known as "thegabbieshow," Gabbie Hanna got her start on Vine years ago and fans followed her when she made she made the jump to YouTube. Gabbie is mostly known for her outrageous storytimes and near-death experiences, but she is also an amazing singer and has released half a dozen singles in the past two years.

8. Nikki Glamour

Nikki Glamour

She's your best friend, big sister and favorite cousin all wrapped into one! She gets so into the stories she tells it's like you are right next to her when they were happening. Nikki keeps it real and always has, she's hard working and lives her life to the fullest. Her family is growing so be sure to check out her family channel GlamourFamily to grow with her.

9. Sarah Baska

Sarah Baska

Sarah Baska is the funniest person on the internet! She's not afraid to make fun of herself, and others but she means no harm. She's the happy hippie we all need in our lives to remind us not to take life so seriously.

10. Kendall Rae

Kendall Rae

Kendall's channel is great if you want to think! Her channel is full of interesting topics like true crime, unsolved mysteries, space and ocean exploration, world travel, astrology and a little paranormal activity. If you're open-minded and want some thought-provoking content in your life, Kendall channel is the best for you!

11.  Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate

Think of Mr. Kate's channel as Extreme Home Makeover-YouTube Edition, follow her as she transforms your favorite social media influencer's spaces into gorgeous works of art. If you're an avid HGTV watcher, you'll love Mr. Kate.

12. Sierra Schultzzie 

Sierra Schultzzie

Sierra is a body-positive confidence building queen who stands by the notion that every body is beautiful. Her channel is full of look-books, Disney, DIY and lifestyle-related videos. She also has her own online clothing line called "The Curvy Crew."

13. Josh Peck

Josh Peck

It's like "Drake & Josh," but better. Josh Peck is all glown-up and even funnier than he was on the Nickelodeon show that we all know and love. Josh is also BFFs with YouTuber David Dobrik and he can be seen in many of Josh's videos.

14. Lily Marston

Lily Marston

Lily is not your average L.A. influencer, she's down to earth and lives off In-N-Out and Dr Pepper. Lily used to be a producer and host on "Clever Style" but decided to go her own way, shortly before Clever shut down. Lily posts lifestyle and beauty related videos, even though she definitely doesn't claim to be a beauty guru. She's hilarious, sarcastic and a little pessimistic, but an all-around good time.

15. Simply Nailogical 


Cristine is the crazy nail lady on YouTube, but if you're even a little into nails you'll love her channel! She's hilarious and has so much knowledge to give on taking care of your nails. She posts seasonal nail tutorials and fun videos like Polish Mountain where she paints her nails with over 100 different coats!

16. Natalia Taylor 

Natalia Taylor

Natalia is a storytime YouTuber who has some of the craziest stories. Her stories range from paranormal activity to almost being on "America's Next Top Model" and faking her own death, Natalia will always expose herself before anyone else can.

17. Lindsey Hughes

Lindsey Hughes

Lindsey makes lifestyle vlogs and videos her travels, music festival experiences and beauty and fashion favorites. Lindsey has grown up on YouTube, first joining the platform in 2010, and though she's grown and changed she's always been real with her audience.

18. Bella Fiori

Isabella Fiori

Bella is an Australian YouTuber who posts anything from beauty videos to unsolved mysteries and vlogs of her daily life. She's cruelty-free and passionate about leaving the world a better place than when she found it.

19. Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson

Last but certainly not least, the King of Youtube, Shane Dawson! Shane has 19 million subscribers and has been active on his channel since he joined in 2005. His content has evolved with him over the years but he is best known for his conspiracy theories and mini-documentaries investigating other well-known YouTubers. As long as YouTube is around, Shane Dawson isn't going anywhere!

I hope this article helps you find your new favorite YouTuber!

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How Do You Celebrate The Lunar New Year?

What started as a yearly cultural recognition celebration blossomed into an honest appreciation for the major event.


Ever since my freshman year in high school I have been involved with the Lunar New Year in some capacity. Although my connection to the celebration has only concluded its fifth year now, I feel immensely happy whenever this time rolls around. The high school years of celebrating involved a talent cultural show where students based in Asian history, along with some friends who might not fit that bill (me), could perform any type of act they wanted to. Fun rock bands were a favorite, a lovely erhu piece was an important staple to the show, and any number and forms of dancing stole the stage. I am proud and honored to say I eventually gathered the courage to join a Kpop dance group and performed in front of all my peers and teachers my senior year! I could not be happier with embracing this celebration and could not be more thankful for my school exposing me to it.

So I graduated. What now? As the time rolls around, I receive another opportunity to come to Universal Studios Hollywood and check out how they celebrate and bring in the new year! Ecstatic doesn't describe what I felt.

As my friend, Rachel, and I stepped into the park, we could feel the cultural shift in the air. The scent of Mr. Ping's Noodle Shop hit my nose pretty fast, so we decided to test the food first! Now I can't say much about authenticity, but the range of food options tasted incredible it was hard to believe they could produce so much food for so many visitors and have it taste perfect every time! After roaming around the center plaza and writing a wish and attaching it to a blossom tree, we decided to head over to the Dreamwork's Kung Fu Panda attraction, a great innovation in 4-D cinema with independently moving chairs and interactive lights and water guns. This was a fun respite to allow us to digest our food and continue on our cultural journey through the park.

After about an hour of riding some rides we missed before, we decided to check out the shops. The Hello Kitty shop transformed to celebrate the New Year and the decorations looked incredible! The whole effort from the park felt real and impassioned because it knew it had to wow all of its visitors and show them just what the New Year could look like! For anyone still interested in going in Los Angeles, the Lunar New Year celebration is running through February 18, so think fast! All I can say is that it is more than worth it.

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