11 Of The Best Thanksgiving Clapback Memes

The holidays are usually rough for most people. Going home for holidays means dealing with family members who usually don't agree with your lifestyle and or decisions.

From your aunt's comments about your lifestyle to your uncle's comments about school and grades. At the end of day, this is family and no matter how you feel about them, they're still family.

Here are 11 memes that perfectly describe family during the holidays.

1.For the Aunt who questions your sexuality.

Being around extended family means being talked down upon for who you choose to date.

2. For the relatives who pick and choose what the Bible says.

Family seems to forget that God doesn't approve of the behavior they partake in, so don't forget to remind them of this little fact.

3. For that uncle who concerns himself with your grades, but not his kids.

Don't forget to let your uncle know he should set his priorities straight.

4. Sorry aunts, you're not safe from the clapbacks.

In the words of Joanne the Scammer, "You need to go ahead and worry about your life and your career."

5. Sorry Grandma, you're not safe either.

6.We all have the aunt that comments on our looks.

Dear Aunt, perfect your recipes before you come for my hair.

Sincerely, Niece/Nephew.

7.For that Aunt who seems to always be in your business.

Thankful for those cousins who seem to also get annoyed by their relative's bs.

8. For when your relatives ruin your childhood.

Please don't ruin my childhood because you hate your life.


Every innocent kid ever.

9. For when they don't understand being a double major.

Dear family, college takes longer than 4 years for some us, so please get off our backs. Thanks.

10. Again with the Aunt who can't cook.

Why do aunts always have slick comments about everything you do?

11.Grandma still can't catch a break.

No matter how much crap they put you through, at the end of the day, family is family, and you have to love and accept them with all their flaws.

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