What I Learned From Being A High School Journalist

What I Learned From Being A High School Journalist

Endless late nights, last minute edits, and writing are all things you grow to love as a high school journalist.

I distinctly remember the first day stepping foot in my high school’s journalism class. It was the first day of my sophomore year, and I was especially excited for the first day of that year. I came into high school knowing absolutely no one, but over the course of that year, I met some of the best people who eventually became my best friends.

However, at that moment sitting in my journalism class for the very first time during the first period, I was especially enthused. Admittedly, I was pretty nervous as well. It seemed like everyone had formed their groups within the class, and I felt like I was the only new person.

Yet, I reminded myself that this was a class and a topic I wanted to learn more about ever since fourth grade. Despite the butterflies fluttering in my stomach, staying in the class and overcoming my doubt, was the best decision ever.

The first quarter was difficult to stay the least. It was back to back lessons on Associate Press style and pyramid style as my Journalism 101. The AP Stylebook became my saving grace for all things style that I could possibly wonder. Which numbers do I spell out? How do I attribute a source?

Every time I cracked open the book to consult any question I had, I learned the value of research and writing with an increased grammatical precision. Also, I learned about word count, and that seriously comes in handy in college when a teacher tells you a word count and you have a better idea of how long it should be!

Most importantly, I made some of the best friends who shared my passion for journalism, writing and finding the truth.

Ethically chasing for the facts rather than #FakeNews. These are critical things I took to the newsroom in college but life as well!

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Global Contact Lens Solution Market 2018 Manufacturers, Types, Application and Region

Global Contact Lens Solution Market 2018

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17 Things EVERY Incoming Freshman Girl Pinned To Their 'College' Pinterest Board

Preparing for college at its finest.

If you are entering college, or are already a college student you DEFINITELY pinned these items on your "college" Pinterest board board! And if you didn't, you're lying!

Here are 17 of the college girl dorm/lifestyle essentials for your first year in the wonderful world of college!

1. Tapestry

Are you even in college if you don't have a tapestry???

2. String Lights

Another college dorm staple.

3. "Babe Cave" Signs

If I took a shot for every one of my friends who owned one of these..

4. DIY Letters

It'll last about a year, and then you'll spill a beer on it.

5. Fluffy Blankets


6. Urban Outfitters Bedding

Sooo overpriced.

7. Picture Collages

Never had one of these, and not mad about it.

8. DIY Canvas Art

It's therapy, what can I say.

9. Matching Halloween Costumes

10. Succulents

AKA, the only plants that will survive college.

11. Piercings/Tattoos

Since your parents didn't approve when you lived at home. YOLO!

12. Workout Plans

You'll commit to it for about a week, then you'll discover dollar drink night.

13. Dorm Cuisine

Four words: "This is only temporary"!

14. Roommate Goals

15. "Going Out" Attire

16. Packing List


17. Closet Organization Ideas

Lots of stuff, small space. Organization is key.

Cover Image Credit: VasseurBeauty / YouTube

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