It is okay to say no
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It is okay to say no

It is okay to say no

You probably see a ton of these articles, but here is my view as a person who rarely says "No."

1. Make time for yourself.

I used to constantly be on the go and hang from person to person. I have always been super outgoing and a people person, but I never realized how much "me time" I needed. Don't lose yourself along the way and forget who you are and what your standards are.

2. Go to the gym.

I hate running. I really do. Like really, really, really hate running, so if you ever see me running, something is wrong. However, going to the gym really helped with all of the built up stress. I used to always say no to running, so i compromised for the elliptical. Do not say no to this! Getting rid of the endorphins helps so much. Plus, it helps with the "Freshman 15."

3. Be aware of who keep in your life when transitioning from high school to college.

As one who never ended friendships unless they were really toxic or unnecessary, I didn't say no to a lot of people that probably should've said in high school. It is okay to say "no" to certain people if they aren't going to benefit you or help you in anyway.

4. Balance eating out.

Let me just say, I get that it is super fun going to WaHo at 12am, or to that mexican restaurant weekly or daily trips to Mickey D's for a sweet tea and fries. But saying "no" every once in a while because you want to save your money is quite alright. Your friends will understand. They're in college too.

5. Watch out for ridiculous(ly cute) boys.

Let me just say, do not let them distract you. Yeah, they're cute. Yeah, they're sweet. Your education is so important and I'm sure you'd rather take a rain check on that dinner than fail on a test. Again, balance.

6. Find friends who want the same things as you.

Find a solid group of friends that will ground you in studying but will also go out with you. Don't be afraid to leave friends if they aren't being good influences or encouraging you to be a better version of yourself. The friends you make in college are more likely to last a life time than your high school friends, so pick the right ones.

7. Get involved but don't overbook.

It really is great to be involved in many clubs and organizations, but remember you can't say yes to everything because you can't be everywhere at the same time. You have 3.5 more years ahead of you to get involved and to explore other activities. It is okay to turn down or say no to some things, just make sure you can breathe.



9. Don't let yourself be used.

Always be a good friend, but do not let your tendency of not saying "no" be a means of being walked over. There is always a point when picking up your drunk friends or paying for your friends has reached its limit. They are perfectly capable of figuring their mess out.

10. Don't always trust others.

It's always helpful to get other people's opinions and advice, especially when they've been through the same things. However, when it comes down to it, you know what is best for you and should trust your instincts. It would be better to learn from your own mistakes than from trusting someone else.

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