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If You Do Anything This Valentine's Day, Learn To Love Yourself

Remember that you don't see everything when you look in the mirror.

If You Do Anything This Valentine's Day, Learn To Love Yourself
Megan McCabe

There have been many times that I look in the mirror and simply despise every aspect of myself. I don't see anything good except for chubby cheeks that never went away, a stomach that could stand to be smaller, gross thin hair that one can't possibly make look any better and stupid clothing options that only serve to add to a slob presence.

It's taken a long time for me to even be content with myself to feel pretty when I put on a nice outfit. In fact a lot of times I avoid wearing some of my favorite outfits because I worry about what everyone will think. So, this Valentine's letter is to myself and to everyone who has ever felt like this.

You are beautiful, vibrant, creative, luminescent and a wonderful human being.

Remember that you don't see everything when you look in the mirror. In fact, most times you look in the mirror your being fake in your smile and facial expressions. You will never look in a mirror and see the smile when you look at someone you love, never see the joy you bring when you laugh at a funny moment with your friends nor see the way your eyes light up when looking at your family.

Those moments are something that can't be fabricated. Your beauty is not defined by physical appearance or who others deem are worthy. Your beauty comes from your utter confidence to be who you are. If that means wearing sweats and yoga pants every single day or waking up an extra hour early to put your makeup on than you do what you have to.

The important thing is to always feel good in yourself. When you don't feel it, then you make yourself miserable with things that don't exist. So do what you want to feel good that is a beauty no one can take from you. It took me a long time to be able to say to hell with whatever someone else might think about me, I want to wear my black heels today to class.

This isn't to say that you won't still struggle with self-worth, some days I send photos to my friend to see if it looks good and every time they hype me up so that I feel confident no matter what I am doing. So here is your hype if you need a little help...

You are a gorgeous human being who can do whatever they want and nobody else's opinion matters but yours!

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