Why Laura Benanti Is The Hero We All Deserve
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Why Laura Benanti Is The Hero We All Deserve

This completely underrated and beautiful person needs to be celebrated.

Why Laura Benanti Is The Hero We All Deserve

We have to celebrate the wonderful human being that is Laura Benanti. Why, you may ask? For no special reason other than the fact that she deserves to be celebrated all the time. The first time I really came across Laura Benanti was when she "drunkenly" sang on stage at the 2013 Tony Awards. It was a beautiful time, and it introduced me to this lovely and talented person and actress. Not familiar with her? Well, here are 13 reasons she's the hero you deserve to have in your life.

1. Her Twitter.

Having a bad day? Need a good laugh? The answer is: Laura Benanti's Twitter. She is both gracious and hilarious on this social media platform in a way that makes you both laugh and question if she is OK. She makes fun of herself and her surroundings. Basically, her tweets are gold.

2. She's open.

While she is mostly seen as being funny or comical, that isn't all there is to Laura Benanti. In September 2015, Huffington Post published an article she wrote entitled "My Experience With The Voldemort of Women's Health Issues." In this article, Laura wrote about her experience with her miscarriage, and she highlighted that no one really talks about this health issue that impacts so many women. This woman took it upon herself to share her own story in the hopes that it would start a conversation and help others out there who were struggling with the same issue.

3. She might be Melania Trump.

Maybe it's a conspiracy? This is right up there next to Ted Cruz being the Zodiac Killer. It's also very important.

4. Her voice is unreal.

It is honestly unbelievable to me how beautiful her voice is. No matter what she's singing, somehow she always brings tears to my eyes. Her talent is undeniable, and I could listen to her all day, everyday.

5. She's a Tony Award Winner.

That's right. That amazing voice she has? In combination with her acting skills, it won her the 2008 Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for "Gypsy." She's just that good.

6. And she's nominated again this year.

Laura's fifth Tony nomination comes from her show, currently on Broadway, "She Loves Me." Trust me, from what I've seen about this show and the award recognition it's gotten, this is a show you need to see. If you aren't a poor college student like me, go now! Buy your tickets, because they've extended the show through July 10!

7. She's more than just a theater actress.

Some not as familiar with her theater work might recognize Laura as Sadie Stone from "Nashville" or Alura Zor-El/Astra from "Supergirl." While she is primarily known as a "theater actress," she has done some amazing work on the small screen and built fan bases around her characters.

8. Her relationship goals.

I don't use that phrase often, but when I see photos or posts about Laura and her husband Patrick Brown, it gives me hope that people still fall in love. To be an outsider looking in on their relationship, Laura and Patrick seem like two pieces that perfectly fit together, and I love being a fan of Laura and seeing her posts about how happy she is.

9.The side-eye.

For those of you who are familiar with NBC's "The Sound of Music: Live," you might remember Laura Benanti playing the side-eye-queen Elsa Schraeder. However, Laura's reign as side-eye-supreme did not start there. Oh no. She's been giving the side-eye for years.

I wish I could learn from the master, but...

10. This video.

Speaking of NBC's live musicals, one time Laura Benanti auditioned for every part in Peter Pan: Live. That resulted in the video above, which everyone should watch. It really gives some insight into who Laura Benanti is.

11. Linda and Sal

If you happen to follow her on any social media, you've probably seen her post about Linda and Sal, also known as her mother and father. From what I can tell, they are a hoot, and Laura's tweets and Instagram posts involving them deserve an Emmy or something.

12. Life With Laura.

Once upon a time, Playbill gave Laura Benanti a camera and a small YouTube series called "Life With Laura." It was a magical time in our lives. If there is anything that you do today, watch this video in which Laura dresses up as Fosca from Stephen Sondheim's "Passion" and walks around Times Square trying to take pictures with people. It's everything you need.

13. She's the best.

OK, maybe this last reason seems like more of an opinion, but if I haven't proven it by now, I don't know if I will ever get through to you. Laura Benanti is the hero we all deserve, though. She's hilarious and talented, and she is a beautiful person inside and out. Whether you need someone to make you laugh or the next best thing to an angel to sing you to sleep, Laura Benanti's your girl. I am lucky to be a fan of hers. Hopefully, others will see this and see that they would be lucky to be her fan too.

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