The "Last" Resort

I stand in front of the mirror applying layers of foundation, as if it can hide the series of events I'm about to go through

I posted an ad on a site asking who can help a girl with a few dollars tonight.

A few responses came trickling in from hungry-eyed men, I scrolled through them to find out how much money my night shall entail

There were ones asking how much do I charge to help them forget while others wanted me to be their personal f*ggot, I scrolled and scrolled till I finally decided on three

Because it was a simple request and I quickly replied with a simple price list

$20 for this, $50 for that, but since I'm doing it by the hour I would hope I get more once we're all set.

I apply my foundation to make those ugly facial features dissipate then I put on my brightest red lips almost like I wanted them to say Hey world I'm open for business

Last but not least, but most certainly the best, I quickly find clothes and like that I'm dressed.

I stand in front of the mirror eyeing myself, up and down, trying to distract myself from the time that was slowly counting down

With each ticking second I begin to have my regrets and doubts, but something inside me says too late to stop now

Bills are due and it's this or the streets—besides, just look at it this way

At least you can make people happy by offering up parts that aren't cheap.

So with a quick look once more, I hear a soft tap at my front door

With one last breath as I walk toward one of my last resorts.

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