One Last Game

I grew up with my dad coaching football. I have heard more about this sport than I ever thought I would. Between my brothers' teams, to our high school team, all the way to Ohio State and the NFL I have heard commentary of almost every game I've ever seen.

There are definitely bigger football fans than me. I couldn't tell you all the statistics of players like some people can, but I grew up with an understanding and love of this sport a lot of people don't have. It's not like I'll never go to a football game again, I hope I do - but I would give so much to be at one more Buckeye game as a student.

It's a different atmosphere when your school is playing. Some people pick their favorite football teams, but our passion for our team is ingrained into our identity as a student. I'll love the Buckeyes and Ohio State for the rest of my life, but I can't imagine having the same game experiences that I've had during my time here.

There are games that stick out - like going to The Big House for the Michigan game my freshman year, or storming the field after Penn State my junior year. But there's also the general feel of game day that comes with every game. Columbus comes alive when the Buckeyes are in town and it shows on everyone here. It only makes me love this school more seeing people flood the city just to watch a football game.

My game days are over, but I couldn't imagine these past four years without them.

I also would be completely remiss if I did not mention my friend Ashley - we started out setting up card stunts for our very first game and just had our very last. I can't imagine Buckeye football or OSU without you.

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