Las MInute Halloween Costume Ideas
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Las MInute Halloween Costume Ideas

Procratinate away! These Halloween ideas will help you narrow down a costume the night before.

Las MInute Halloween Costume Ideas

Ah yes, the week before Halloween.

Every year, you promise you would get prepared for it, but every year it somehow manages to sneak up on your and now time is running out and you have zero costume ideas.

Well, fear not! Here are a few ideas that can suit everyone and are easy, quick, and fun to do.

1. Classic Cat

If you're between middle school and twenty, then this costume has undoubtedly been used sometime in your life as a fast and simple way to get "dressed up". This year however, try to spice up the look with some glittery makeup or dramatic eye shadow, and break out of the stereotypical "cat costume."

2. Harambe

No other icon has blown up like the sweet gorilla who was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo earlier this year. Get em' out for Harambe with this costume.

3. Harley Quinn/ The Joker

This duo has also blown up within the past couple of months and is a great way to look sick and dress up with a friend or partner!

4. Clown

There is something to be said about clowns this year and their overall reign of terror on this country. But what else is Halloween about than to scare some people? However, be careful on the way you present this costume, and make sure people know you aren't actually a killer clown when wearing this costume.

5. Rocky Horror Picture Show

Thanks to Fox's recent remake of the 1975 Rocky Horror Picture Show, you better believe Janet and Brad and the whole crew has blown up once again. You can never go wrong with dressing up as one of these characters!

6. Elaborate Face Paint

If you aren't one for dressing up and have a more creative side, then I suggest some cool makeup effects or full faced masks through makeup or paint! This idea is always one for the books!

7. A Meme

2016 has definitely been the year for memes, so why not make a memorable Halloween costume out of one?

I hope this was able to help a few people decide on an awesome Halloween costume.

Thanks for reading!

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