The Best DM To Get Him To Respond On A Dating App
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Ladies, This Is The DM He'll ALWAYS Respond To

Whether you're bold or more on the shy size, this first message will always get you a response.

Ladies, This Is The DM He'll ALWAYS Respond To

Almost everyone has a social media profile of some kind, and mixing those platforms with a little bit of online dating can be challenging to say the least. Figuring out the right thing to say that grabs their attention and encourages a response can be tricky and intimidating for anyone.

This is especially true for girls, who are statistically less likely to send the first message.

Since starting college, Tinder has become my best friend. It's nice to get a little bit of male attention and be flirty just for fun, but like most girls on Tinder, I ran into a problem early on. I was getting dozens of matches in a swipe session, but only a handful of messages showed up the next day.

Why do guys match and not send a message? Most importantly, why was I waiting for him to message first?

I decided to take things into my own hands and shoot my shot ⁠— after all, I couldn't let these handsome guys just sit in my Rolodex. I tried out quirky pickup lines, simple and somewhat mysterious messages, and even a polite "hello, how's it going?" Regardless of the contents of my message, there was no consistency. The same message could get a response from one guy and give me radio silence from another.

That is until I sent "hey boy."

Almost immediately, I received response after response after response. I found the magic message that almost every guy would respond back to. This DM is something so absurdly easy, but it the perfect softball message to get a conversation rolling. It isn't dull and doesn't come off too eager, yet at the same time, it reads very casual and flirtatious — which is exactly what you want. Reading this, he's automatically intrigued.

So whether you're reaching out on a dating app or a classic social media platform, this message will get a response almost every single time. You can thank me later, ladies.

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