A Lack Of Self-Respect Is Hurting Today's College Women
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What's Truly Wrong With Modern College Women Is Their Lack Of Self-Respect

College women let not only men treat them bad, but they treat themselves bad.

What's Truly Wrong With Modern College Women Is Their Lack Of Self-Respect

Throughout my college life, I have seen, heard, and witnessed many things that I only thought was real in movies. In my freshman year of college, I realized that there were many girls that were being taken advantage of by these big bad wolves we call boys. I felt bad for girls because the majority of these college boys only wanted one thing but would lie and say otherwise. But no matter how much their friends warned these girls, they continued to believe the opposite.

This ends with them crying in their bed till two in the morning eating ice cream or getting drunk at a bar.

The older I got, the less sympathy I had for girls that I saw going through this. Majority of them just kept going back, not learning their lesson, and letting these boys treat them like dirt. All of my high school life I had guy friends. I learned from them and gained an understanding that yes, guys can be the sweetest thing in the world, but every guy has their moments. I was in the inside watching them play girls, lie to girls, and fool girls.

But the one thing I noticed was when the girls found out the truth, they still came back.

I am almost at my senior year in college and I'm still watching the same girls get fooled and newly watching girls not only let guys treat them like a sex object, but I see them treat themselves the same way.

I'm tired of watching girls go around and letting guys treat them like dirt and not dong anything about it. Many people say what is wrong with our generation is social media, but in my opinion, it is the way women let men treat them, and how some women treat themselves.

If someone has no respect for themselves, how can someone expect another person to respect them?

Women have fought to gain rights for so long and our generation is slowly demolishing all the work these past women have fought for. I think the real question every woman needs to ask themselves and live by is, If we don't start upholding ourselves to a higher standard, how do we expect other people to?

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