Stop Allowing Your Gender Or Sexuality To Define You

Stop Allowing Your Gender Or Sexuality To Define You

I believe that we should be proud of who we are. Just don't let the label limit you.


Now, listen, I'm not bashing anyone in the LGBTQ+. I am bisexual woman who is currently engaged to the greatest woman to ever be created, but I will never limit myself to my sexuality or gender. These labels are simply aspects of who you are, and they contribute very little to who you truly are as an individual.

You are what has formed you. You are who you are because of trauma, fond memories, personal relationships, beliefs and so much more. Your struggles, pride, fears, and feelings define you, but you are not your sexuality. I'm not going to say that your gender and sexuality haven't helped to form your personality, sense of humor, or group of friends. What I am saying is that so many things have happened to you and those things are what really make you stand out as yourself.

I think that being openly proud of your gender and sexuality is so important when it comes to loving all of yourself. We have come so far as a society that many people are accepting when their loved ones come out as transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, etc. and I believe that we should be proud of who we are. Just don't let the label limit you. YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. You are your goals and aspirations. You are what you love. You are your happy place.

We are built completely different from everyone we’ll encounter and that’s something that we are starting to forget. We all try so hard to fit in that we push ourselves into categories, even if we don’t necessarily love that part of ourselves.

Before you go and say that “I don’t understand” and that “I haven’t been through any struggles that involve my sexuality" - understand you’re wrong.

For the most part, my family has been very accepting, but I remember very vividly the things that my dad used to say about the fact that I was dating a girl. He told me on multiple occasions that I was brainwashed and that I’m a product of the media influencing the youth to believe that being gay is okay. I would hear him talking on the phone or arguing about it with my mom. When I came out at first, he wouldn’t even look at me. He made me feel ashamed about the fact that I like girls, but I slowly worked past it and that made me become the person I am today. I’m independent and stubborn and strong-willed, but I’m not that way because of my sexuality. I’m that way because people didn’t like my sexuality and tried their best to fight me about it.

I love being who I am. I love being in love with my fiancée. I love the friends I have made from going to Pride festivals and from being in a GSA, but I love them because I put myself out there to make these things for myself.


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