NBA players Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors and Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics recently spoke out against the media when asked about their impending free agency situations. They are considered to be two of the best players in the league and are therefore two of the top free agents in the NBA this summer, and this has led to plentiful speculation about their respective futures. However, both Durant and Irving believe that it has gone too far. The NBA media constantly asks the duo about free agency before and after games instead of asking questions about their respective teams and their own performances.

The most prominent free agency speculation concerning the duo is of the two of them possibly teaming up on the New York Knicks. Durant has been rumored to join the Knicks ever since they put up a banner recruiting him to the Big Apple. However, the 10-time All-Star insisted that he possesses no knowledge of where he will go when his contract expires following this season, or if he will even leave Golden State at all. Durant singled out Ethan Strauss of The Athletic, who he claims "gives his whole opinion on stuff and makes it seem like it's coming from me."

Irving has similarly found himself at the center of the Knicks' attention in free agency and the rumors that come with it. At the 2019 NBA All-Star Game, Durant and Irving were filmed having a conversation with each other. Irving pointed to Durant and himself and raised two fingers at Durant, and social media imploded with speculation that he referenced the fact that the Knicks freed up cap space to sign two-star players and give them max contracts. Irving sounded off on the media after the speculations that he would team up with Durant, stating that they tried to paint a conversation with his friend as a proposition to team up together.

It is clear that Irving and Durant want to be asked about free agency when it comes around on July 1, not during the season, as they are both focused on winning a championship with their respective teams.