​Know Your Audience: Announcing Dynamic Creator Dashboards

​Know Your Audience: Announcing Dynamic Creator Dashboards

You're one step closer to becoming an Odyssey influencer.

Here at Odyssey HQ, we’re working tirelessly to change the way content is created and consumed. We can’t tackle such a big mission without providing a platform that enables our thousands of Creators to find and grow their unique audiences.

That’s why we’re thrilled today to announce the launch of personalized front-end dashboards! Whenever you’re on Odyssey, just click into your profile on the upper right corner of the screen, and select "Dashboard" directly under your name. There you'll be able to see your page views, social engagements, followers, and more. It's an opportunity to learn exactly what content resonates with your readers, and how to position yourself to take off as an influencer on Odyssey like never before.

Let’s use Callie Porcher, a Creator at Orlando, Florida, to dig into the different features available. Callie has been writing on Odyssey since May 2016. Previously, she had limited access to the performance of her work. Now, this is what she sees when she lands on her dashboard:

At the top is an overview of Callie’s lifetime statistics, which can easily be toggled to the previous week or month. Below is a stream of her drafts and live articles. Clicking a draft leads directly to MUSE to continue writing or editing, whereas clicking a live article leads to a zoomed in view of how that piece has performed on Facebook, as well a breakdown of which sites are driving traffic to it.

In September, Callie wrote an excellent personal letter to a former close friend. Since being published, it has amassed well over 2 million views. Let’s take a look at where all that traffic came from:

As you can see, this article took off on Facebook — to date it’s garnered 645.1K shares, 644.5K likes, and 145 comments. And counting. Looking at the referral sources, most of the views have come from Facebook on mobile, followed by Facebook on desktop. Next is direct traffic, meaning people who clicked on it while elsewhere on Odyssey, then t.co (Twitter), and Google.

Of course, not every article reaches such great heights in terms of raw views, but the beauty of this dashboard is the information it provides about everything you create. Which style of content performs best relative to others? Which topic seems to strike a chord with your readers? Does that topic have a better audience on one external platform than another? These are the questions you can start answering for yourself, and much more. To learn more about your dashboard, check out this walkthrough on the Odyssey User Knowledge Base.

So go play around with your own dashboard today! You’re one step closer to becoming a true Odyssey influencer.

Cover Image Credit: https://pixabay.com/p-768722/?no_redirect

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Don't Put Down Future Special Education Teachers

If only they knew how much they were going to be missing out on.

One of the first few things that people say to me when I tell them I'm going into special education is, "You will always have a job" and "It takes a special person to be in the field." Whenever those two phrases are said to me, I can't help but think as to why they think I'm so different from them or why they are too afraid to consider it. If only they knew how much they were going to be missing out on.

Many people who go into special education are driven, patient, loving, and passionate. You don't just wake up one day and say to yourself that you want to go work with children with disabilities. The decision to pursue this didn't come easy for me because I'd seen how much work goes into the long nights trying to make the children you work with even happier. People really don't give enough credit to the teachers who want to make a difference in people's lives.

Another thing that bothers me when I tell people I'm in special education is that they think I'm not as smart as them or that I'm lazy. Although I may not be the smartest person in the world, I am knowledgeable in many different areas. Like I said, I didn't choose special education because I heard that education classes, in general, were easier, I chose it because it is what I see myself doing for the rest of my life.

I am one of the luckiest people in the world to have a brother with Down-Syndrome. He has shown me that all people with disabilities have so much room for growth and that they are just like you and me. I can truly say that he has inspired me to change the lives of as many children with disabilities as I can because they make this world a better place. Without him, I wouldn't have an appreciation for the little things in life and it would be a lot harder to get over the big things.

As a society, we need to start encouraging people to be teachers and stop putting them down because they are going to be teaching the future of our country. As a sister of someone with a disability, I've realized how much progress has been made because of the teachers who are so passionate. We are all so lucky to have the educations we do and we should all want the same for other people.

Next time when someone tells me how hard it will be or why I shouldn't go into the field, I will tell them that it is truly what is going to make me happy in life and it's important. Giving an education to children with disabilities is something that they deserve and it can ultimately change their lives if it's done the right way. Will you start encouraging the future teachers of children with disabilities? I hope so.

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