I am a bit worried about what American society has come to these days and what is to come in the future. Sadly, many millennials do not have certain basic life skills. Perhaps schools should revert to teaching home economic classes to ensure the future leaders of our country will have the common knowledge they need for daily life. If you know how to do the following things, then you are better than the average young adult.

1. Change a tire

Not gonna lie here, I cannot confidently say that I could change a tire. I learned the steps in my driver's class while in high school, but they should have had us physically practice it. I mean driving simulators existed in my parent's high school years, so why do we not have that and tire changing lessons?

2. Do laundry

You have to separate your clothes so that you don't stain your underwear pink! C'mon people, there are so many videos and movies that show people making the same mistake!

3. Sew things

Sewing machines are a little intimidating at first, but they are useful. Thankfully, my mom taught me how to use one so that I don't meet the same fate as the Grinch who sewed his fingers together. Ouch! If you are a broke college student, you can sew somebody a nice, affordable gift!

4. Cook a meal (No, making cereal does not count)

This is where home economics would come in handy. All of us young adults are going to have to cook for our families eventually and plus, people who can cook are automatically ten times hotter.

5. Have a face to face conversation

I have had many awkward conversations in my life, and most were with my peers. We should all look up from our phones once in a while to speak with each other and make memories.

6. Drive a stick shift

When the zombie apocalypse comes your getaway car could be manual, so you should know how to drive one just in case.

7. Use a map

What if your phone dies so you can't use your GPS? I would be lost and have no idea how to use a map. It's too bad I didn't learn this in school.

Let me know what common knowledge you guys have!