Call It What You Want, But Disrespecting The National Anthem Is Hate Speech

Call It What You Want, But Disrespecting The National Anthem Is Hate Speech

I will stand enough times for the both of us.

If there's one thing you'll see over and over on any social media outlet these days, at any time of the day or on any news channel, it's professional athletes uniting by kneeling at the national anthem. There are thousands of opinions on this, but here's mine — It's such a terrible sight to see: our nation failing to come together in a peaceful manner yet again.

Will any of this ever stop?

I believe kneeling at the anthem is the most unpatriotic thing I've seen in eighteen years of living. The national anthem, all branches of the military, and the red, white and blue hit home for me, as I'm sure it does for many of you. I've had numerous family members serve in our military and currently my brother is on deployment in Syria, fighting for this divided nation at this very moment.

By kneeling you are not only disrespecting the national anthem and the people that died for it, but the people that are currently fighting for you.

Right now, my brother is spending another month in the Middle East fighting for our country, while people are bashing its name, burning our flags, and kneeling at our nation's anthem. It's disgusting and it's pathetic.

I believe that everybody has their own right to free speech and we can form our own opinions; don't get me wrong. But kneeling at a song that represents our country, the people that died fighting for it, and all that aspects that made it the way it is, is a whole other level of disgusting.

I didn't think times would get this bad, when following the terrible lead of one person would become the new "thing to do."

Colin Kaepernick is setting an example for today's youth that you should stand up for what you believe is right, but he did it in the WORST way I can think possible. There are plenty of other ways anybody could've gone about it.

This country is built on democracy and free speech, but why spread hate speech?

Call it what you want, but disrespecting the national anthem and all those that fought for YOUR right to free speech is as much hate as racism, homophobia and bigotry.

While you're choosing to kneel on your more than capable, healthy legs, there are double amputee veterans standing for you. There are veterans that lost limbs, their hearing, sight, or ability to walk that will STILL STAND FOR YOU. They are doing the work you should be doing because you're fed up with the way this country is going, and you're part of the problem.

My brother, his brothers, his best friends, are overseas right now fighting for your right to kneel during this supposedly respectable song. Men and women risked their lives and died for people like you to be proud of this country and to love the U.S.A. But what some people are doing diminishes all of the work and soul they put into fighting for this country.

Call it what you want. I dare you to talk to any veteran and any active military member and you are 100% entirely disrespecting the flag and all that comes along with it.

Next time you want to kneel during our nation's song, next time you're ashamed to stand and ashamed to be apart of this country, do people a favor and leave it.

I know damn well I'll stand tall and proud every... single... time that song comes on, enough for the both of us and enough for the people that don't appreciate this country the way you should.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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No, UCF, You Are Not 'National Champions,'

An undefeated season, Peach Bowl champions and a self-proclaimed title, they believe they are the kings of college football.

The college football world crowned a new National Champion Jan. 8th in Atlanta, Georgia. The Alabama Crimson Tide were the kings of Division I again after beating the Georgia Bulldogs 26-23 in an overtime thriller, capturing their 17th title in school history.

However, despite not being in the playoffs, one team has declared themselves the 2017 National Champions.

The University of Central Florida finished the season 13-0, the only undefeated team in the country. Despite being unbeaten, the Knights missed out on the playoffs and instead got a bid to play in the Peach Bowl. Their opponent, the Auburn Tigers.

Auburn was the only team to beat both Alabama and Georgia throughout the year. The only team to ever beat two #1 teams in a span of three weeks in the playoff era. Opening up, the Tigers were a 13-point favorite over UCF. That was until kickoff. The Knights started slow, then turned up the heat and showed the nation why they were undefeated. UCF beat Auburn 34-27 and that’s when the claims of a National Championship started.

To UCF, they beat Auburn. The team that beat the two teams who played in the National Championship, therefore they are the kings. Hold up, not so fast.

Congratulations to The University of Central Florida on an incredible season. Arguably the best turn around in college sports, from 0-12 two years ago to 13-0 and Peach Bowl champions. That is not an easy task.

But to claim a National Championship? That is a bit extreme.

The school went as far as announcing they were going to hang a banner in the stadium and Disney hosted a parade for the team. On the night of the National Championship, the school hosted a block party in celebration.

As people flooded the streets of Disney, chants being screamed “We Want Bama” and “UCF UCF UCF,” the National Championship game kicked off.

In the early 2000s when Boise State and TCU began to get a nationwide audience, there were no talks of claiming championships, the Broncos, and the Horned Frogs kept playing and kept beating the big boys of college football earning respect with their programs. UCF should do the same, just keep playing ball. It has only been one year.

Being a smaller school, a Peach Bowl victory is huge for the football program. Nationwide attention, big bonus checks, and hardware for the trophy case. It is all positive for the UCF program. Claiming a National Title only diminishes the program's reputation that’s finally on the rise.

With head coach Scott Frost leaving to Nebraska and taking almost all of his assistants, UCF has more things to worry about then claiming something that’s not theirs. The Knights have to find a way to continue to win.

If Alabama and UCF squared up, the Crimson Tide would be a 21-point favorite.

Stop the claims, you’re not the champs. It's not the early 1900s anymore.

Cover Image Credit: UCF Knights / Instagram

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7 Things You Dread Hearing Your Rowing Coach Say

Coaches are the best and the worst at the same time

You may love your coach. You may absolutely hate your coach. But either way, there are definitely at least a few things that you hate hearing them say to you. They could be the type of thing that's more of an annoying inconvenience than anything else. Or they could make your heart start beating faster out of anxiety. Or they could ruin your entire week because you can't stop thinking about them. I happen to love my coaches, but there are most definitely some things that I would rather not hear them say. Here are a few examples I have heard:

1. "Surprise 2k/5k today"

As someone who definitely needs to mentally prepare for these at least the day before, a surprise 2k/5k is not appreciated. I also need to make sure that I'm actually staying hydrated so I don't pass out afterward.

2. "We are rowing on the square"

Halfway through your first novice season, you think that you're done with rowing on the square. No longer will you struggle to get your blade out of the water. Jokes on you because two years into your rowing career your coach decides to put your boat back on the square in an attempt to help the set.

3. "It's too windy to go out today"

This always means one of two things. One, you're going on the longest run ever because you need to fill the time. Two, you will be doing some sort of circuit for the duration of practice. I have had both happen before. As much as I hate running, doing circuits for nearly two hours is far worse.

4. "When can you come talk to me?"

If you are expecting this text then it's not that bad. If you get it randomly in the middle of class that's another story. This is especially nervewracking when they don't give you any clue as to why they need you to come in.

5. "I'll tell you the workout after the warmup"

If your coach won't tell you the workout beforehand it's usually because it's not going to be fun. In my personal experience with this statement, the workout was always a surprise 5k.

6. "We're out of snacks"

I know this sounds really petty. This is also a student-athlete problem too. We always keep a cooler of fruit and various kinds of bars and fruit snacks to have after practice in our erg room. Last semester I went straight to class from practice and didn't have a break to eat until noon. I, along with at least a few other people, almost depended on those snacks to hold me over until then. So it was very unfortunate when we were all out.

7. "Today's workout is H.O.P."

If you do not know, H.O.P. stands for Hour of Power. This workout is a strong rival with the 5k as far as difficult workouts go. It's a partner workout. One partner runs a certain distance while the second partner ergs. Once the runner gets back they switch. This goes back and forth until the hour is up. You're constantly moving and constantly out of breath.

Cover Image Credit: Mine

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