This Pixar Short, Kitbull, Made Me Cry

Pixar’s New Short, Kitbull, Made Me Cry On The Bus

Kitbull is a Pixar short that tells the story of the unlikely friendship between an abandoned kitten and pit bull.


We are all familiar with Pixar's short animated films such as Knick Knack, which aired before Finding Nemo, and Bao, an Oscar-winning short, which aired before Incredibles 2. However, one of their newest shorts, Kitbull, is by far my favorite. Kitbull tells the story of two unlikely friends: a shy and independent stray kitten and an abused pit bull.

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Director Rosana Sullivan describes her relationship to the kitten in the story, "Growing up, I was always very sensitive and very shy, and had actually a lot of trouble making connections." This is evident in the very beginnings of the relationship between the pit bull and the kitten. However, as the story continues, we see the budding relationship between the kitten and the pit bull. Moreover, the pit bull also overcomes its fears of others with the help of the kitten.

This short not only tells the story of two unlikely friends but also the story of a misrepresented breed, the pit bull.

As an owner of an American Pit Bull Terrier, I can attest to their sweet nature but I am also cognizant of their negative reputation (and it's not their fault). Almost every time I take my dog somewhere, I am met with questions and comments about the nature of my dog. However, if you've met a pit bull or have one, you are probably familiar with their unique characteristics like their sweet "wiggle-butts" and the "tuck-and-zoom."

Seeing this Pixar short pop up on my feed was not only refreshing, but made me cry, and on the bus of all places. It also made me appreciate the special bond that my dog and I have established with one another.

Please do one thing for me: watch Kitbull and hug your pets a little tighter each night.

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