I'm sure you've heard this phrase so many times, "Be kind you never know what someone is going through" and guess what, it's true because you don't know what anyone is going through. We are so quick to judge people nowadays for everything they do that we don't stop to think that there is a reason behind everything. Being kinder than necessary could make someone's day. I mean look at whats going on in this world nowadays, so many tragic events have recently happened that it's gotten everyone having fear. Having the fear to go to a big music festival, or just a concert, the movies, a big food festival or anything else for that matter.

If you take a minute to just be kind even if you are losing your patience, in a bad mood, not in the mood to tolerate people just take a deep breath and relax. You really could be the only person that makes someone's day because you were nice to them. People will respect you or they will see you as an easy target to take advantage of. Let's hope it's not to take advantage of. When your kind it makes you more approachable to someone and they can feel comfortable with your presence.