Kim Kardashian: She's Not So Bad

Kim Kardashian is the kind of person that everyone loves to hate. We talk about how she's ruining society and how she has no talent or semblance of intelligence, yet people are interested in her every move - even if it's just to comment on that Buzzfeed article with a comment that says, "Can we stop talking about this no talent hack? I should unlike this page."

Let's face the facts: you're not going to unlike Buzzfeed, and you really don't hate Kim Kardashian and her family. The truth of it all is that we hate who we've become as a society.

You can blame people like Kim for making vanity a staple or for making a multi-billion dollar career out of nothing, but it's not there fault. It's ours.

We're the ones that tune into their manufactured lives and we're the ones who read articles about the latest gossip in their tightly woven family. We're the ones that are fueling their fame. Bad publicity is better than no publicity, and they know that better than everyone else.

Why do we feel the need to comment on every aspect of their lives? It shouldn't really matter all that much what she choses to name her daughter. She can't be the only one to name their kid something we wouldn't necessarily chose for our own. So what if she tapes up her boobs or takes naked selfies? It's her body and she can do what she wants.

Do you really think that she care or even reads the comments that people post on the internet? And even if she does, do you think she cares? She's making money off of the fact that you hate her and choose to express that on an media platform that you can.

Kim Kardashian is not what's wrong with the world. An entire internet universe full of people who feel like they have the right to judge others and blame them for their own wrongs is what's wrong with the world.

The opposite of love is not hate, it's apathy. If you really didn't care about the Kardashians, you wouldn't hate them. You would simply not care about anything they say or do. The way to get the world to stop talking about them is to stop talking about them yourself.

It's a real big cliche to say that you need to be the change you want to see in the world, but it's incredibly true. Love and hate have the equal amount of power to make someone famous.

Yeah, Kim Kardashian is not so bad. She's simply a woman that's trying to get ahead in this world and she know the best way to do it. She makes you love her and hate her. She keeps you interested and she makes you care.

We always talk about how we just need to "be ourselves." Kim Kardashian and her family are just being themselves and they're probably the only ones.

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