We all had our favorite movies as a kid and we could all have spent hours arguing with each other over which movie was best. But I think we can all agree now that the best kids movies are the ones that adults enjoy too. To all the parents that took their kids to Zootopia because they really wanted to see it, it’s okay, I don’t blame you. But the fact is that sometimes when you put on your favorite movie from childhood, you get kind of disappointed because well, you’re not a kid anymore. So here’s 5 great kids movies that are sure to be just as great as when you were a kid… or even better.


Shrek is and always will be a winner. The characters are iconic, the animation is great considering 3D animation was relatively new, and the story feels fresh no matter how many other movies have tried to reinvent the princess tale. None of them have been able to do what Shrek did. Shrek was a sort of ant-fairy tale with its strong, independent princess and its ogre in ill-fitting armor. And this was incredible after all of the Disney princess movies. And the best part? The jokes are incredibly inappropriate and all of that went over your head as a kid. So you get so much more out of it watching it again as an adult. And you’ll wonder why your parents ever let you watch it as a kid.


Even though this is kind of a forgotten Disney movie, it’s honestly one of my favorites. Back when 2D reigned, this movie had some absolutely beautiful animation. The detail is incredible, the characters are original-looking, and the landscape/underground world design is stunning. Moreover, it’s not a princess movie. I have nothing against princess movies, even though I’ve just bashed them twice. But I always think it’s fun to watch a good adventure movie rather than "Cinderella" or "Little Mermaid" for the fifth time.We have enough Prince Charmings. We need more geeky intellectual characters like Milo.

Prince of Egypt

Another beautifully animated movie (I clearly have a thing for animation), "Prince of Egypt" is the story of Moses and the Exodus from Egypt. The songs are fantastic and you’ll be singing them for hours. The storyline is beautifully told and (mostly) accurate. And well, the characters actually look ethnic. But religious or not, this movie is great for anyone.

Finding Nemo

Stop seeing "Finding Dory" and just watch "Finding Nemo" again. Well, go see Finding Dory because Baby Dory is a-DORY-able but then go purchase "Finding Nemo" because it’s better.

The Road to El Dorado

"The Road to El Dorado" is a hilarious movie. It features the lovable Miguel and Tulio who search for the City of Gold, El Dorado. When they find it, they are mistaken for gods and have to play the part or be executed. (Not culturally inappropriate, at all.) But the songs are great and Miguel and Tulio are kind of my friendship goals. Plus, you’ll spend hours wondering where the heck the Chief got a cigar halfway through the movie. It’s on Netflix now!