How to stay Keto When you are blazed
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How to stay Keto When you are blazed

The cure to your munchies while staying keto.

How to stay Keto When you are blazed
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We all want to look and feel our best. With fitspo models and celebs flooding our social media pages it's kinda hard not to.

I mean let's be honest who DOESN'T want to look like Demi Rose? If you said "not me" you're lying bc she is FLAWLESS.

The Keto diet has been taking over so many people's lives and helping them get the bodies they will feel most comfortable with.

That's great and all but the only thing I could think about as I started my "Keto journey" (I hate me for saying that too. Judge on), what the hell am I gonna eat when I get the munchies?!

Whether your munchies are caused by late night cravings or a little herb, I've got your guide to fulfill them.

1. Ain't no thang but a chicken waaang…. an unbreaded chicken wing of course. Cut those carbs by eating bone in, unbreaded wings. Smother them in Franks Redhot and you're golden.

2. If you don't like cheese then well you can GTHO bc you are crazy and alone in that opinion. Cheese crisps are bomb dot com and super easy. Pile up some cheese in 2 inch circles on a oiled pan (olive oil!) and broil until the cheese has gone flat. I'm. Drooling. Let cool and crisp up then start chowing. DIP THEM IN GUACAMOLE… you're welcome in advanced.

3. Sugar free popsicles from the store or homemade popsicles are easy and fast. Also a good replacement for ice cream.

4. Beef. Jerky. Nom nom nom nom nom.

5. This one is hit or miss but... dark chocolate. It is heavenly and I love it. I also feel super boujee eating it. I'm a chocolate snob.

6. Laughing cow cheese reminds me of the middle school lunch table, all of the cool kids had them. Well hell they don't seem that cool now that I pound triangle after triangle on the couch while I binge "Queen of The South" on Netflix.

7. The Unwich from Jimmy Johns is pretty lit. Coming from Charleston, IL (the home of the first Jimmy John's… RIP to the $5 Highschool meal) I had to pay homage to Jimmy. An unwich is your favorite sandwich wrapped in huge lettuce leaves. SHOUT OUT to Jimmy Johns— casually waiting for my lifetime supply of free food now. HMU Jimmy.

8. Those weird bags of pepperonis on the end caps of WalMart isles… why aren't they refrigerated? Why are they so good? Name one person that can't pound a bag of pepperonis? I'll wait.

9. The Baconator(hold the bun and ketchup)… get in your car and go to a Wendy's ASAP. This meaty burger will let you "cheat" without feeling guilty… well kinda.

10. Last but not least pork rinds. I'm a sucker for anything and everything salty. Chips? My weakness. Replace the chips with pork rinds. Just don't think about it being fried pig skin…

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