Looking Sober At Family Events Told By New Girl
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Looking Sober At Family Events Told By New Girl

No one tires harder in life to keep it together than the cast of New Girl.

Looking Sober At Family Events Told By New Girl

There's a magical sign your family has recognized you're growing up. It's not moving up from the kids' table, although they can happen at the same time. When someone in your family offers you a drink, you know you've made it. But sometimes, things get out of hand. You start to feel the buzz.

But your family can't know you can't hang or else you'll never be given this opportunity again. Or worse, you'll be shamelessly mocked forever. Goal: Keep together and let no one know you're even remotely buzzed.

1. The Proposal

They extend the invitation formally or simply include you in the glass count. It all has the same magical affect.

2. The Reaction

All the other "kids" in the room gasp at the initiation into the club.

3. The Acceptance

Who are you to go against your parents' wishes?

4. Slow To Start

You play it safe at first because you don't want to seem too experienced or too eager. Also, you fear they're suddenly going to realize who they gave alcohol to and take it back.

5. Confidence Is Key

Sips increase to gulps and then you're finished with your first. You gain the confidence to ask for another.

6. Denial

When your head goes a little fuzzy and you giggle more often, you've been hit with a low-grade buzz, but you can't let it show. You're totally chill.

7. The Cover-Up

You keep conversations going so no one suspects you can't hang.

8. Being The Entertainment

You're siblings know you can't hang. They enjoy every second of it.

9. The Struggle

It gets really hard to listen to people talk. Every train of thought runs lower than the one before.

10. The Resolution

If you keep quiet no one will know anything is different.

11. Suspicion

But your mom kinda throws you a strange glance. Immediately you assume she knows.

12. Regroup

Excusing yourself is needed. A pep-talk can fix this! (But you also do a little dance because for no apparent reason you've needed to for the last 15 minutes and it would totally blow your cover.)

13. Restoration

You only interact/react when necessary. You've truly got it together now.

14. Survival Mode Overcomes

Mad admiration from everyone in the room.

When the night finally ends, it's time for some self-celebration. You're now an adult in the eyes of your family. Congrats!

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