So you've gone out and found yourself, somebody, to love! Kudos to you, but life isn't always as smooth as we'd like it to be and it turns out that one of you is moving away. Well, now it's up to the both of you if you want to commit to being in a long distance relationship!

If you have decided to go against the odds of what other people have said about them failing, (which I am living proof that they don't) here are a few ways you and your boo can keep things from crash and burning.

The first tip is to really just stay in communication with each other. As obvious as that may seem, a lot of the times because we actually forget to think about those we do not see every day. Set up sometime during the day that works for the both of you and set up a face time call or Skype call and chat about your days! If face time doesn't work then just make sure you are texting each other something at least a two or three times a day! A cute good morning text or good night text lets them know they are on your mind.

In light of the idea of texting each other, why not step up the game a little bit and make it a little more fun? No, I am not telling you to send nudes or anything too risky like that, but just keep your texts a little flirty. Making sure the little amount of communication you have is a little on the romantic side keeps things more fun.

Next tip is to send each other little gifts or care packages. Send a little box full of your favorite things or a few of their favorite snacks. That way when they are at home, they are welcomed with a nice little surprise from you! If you want to make the box more personal, send a few pieces of clothing! Something like a T-shirt or hoodie that you love to wear, send it to them so when they get it, it'll smell like you! Plus who doesn't want to rep their bae with a big comfy sweater?

Or maybe if creating a little care package isn't your thing, prime them little gifts! If you go on their page, they have tons of cute little things for under 20 dollars!

Another tip is to plan little vacations together. If you both can afford a larger trip to someplace nice then, try to sync up your schedules to meet in Cancun. If you're more on a budget, then why not take a road trip out to see them! Obviously, that is more dependant on how far you are from each other but the idea is still the same if you would take a flight out. Plan to go someplace you two have never been before and go on an adventure!

If going to a new place doesn't seem very practical then a new tip is to just visit each other instead. Take a weekend to go to their new place, experience what living in their city is like. See what their day to day looks like, so when you go back home, you can look back and feel like you're there with them.

Send each other handwritten letters. As cliche as this one may seem, it's actually a sweet sentiment to receive. I'm not saying you have to send a letter that professes your undying love to them 365 days of the year (we're looking at you Noah) but saying something cute and heartfelt on paper every once in a while is just romantic.

I hope these tips help keep your long distance relationship fresh and it helps keep your spark alive between those miles.

Sending you and your boo lots of love and happiness, and a little reminder that with consistency and dedication your relationship will last no matter how many cities or states apart.