My Fitness Journal: Chapter 1
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My Fitness Journal: Chapter 1

I love junk food and hate the gym. Let's see how this goes.


Allow me to preface this article by saying: I absolutely hate working out. I've never liked it, even back in school when I played four different sports. I only participated because I knew if I didn't, I'd be sitting at home snacking every day after school. The truth is, I'm a lazy girl at heart, but my brain is constantly active and so I figured my body should be too.

Like any other human being, I have insecurities. When I was younger, I was a very thin child. I was always that way, despite eating three meals a day, plus snacks. I was always pretty healthy, but my thinness caused some of the other kids to talk behind my back, spreading rumors like that I had an eating disorder. Kids were constantly telling me to "go eat a cheeseburger". Some of my big sister's friends would call me "Flat-Butt Zo" and poke fun at my boniness.

I was deeply insecure about how skinny I was, and as I got older, those insecurities only grew. Everyone knows that when you're a teenager, your appearance is of top importance. I saw the other girls' bodies developing as they grew into curvaceous, beautiful young women. I envied their feminine figures and wondered why I had to look like a two by four.

Going to college was a culture shock. I wasn't used to the amount of freedom I was given, and I took that and ran. I stayed up all night, went wherever I wanted and ate everything I saw. I would spend my entire meal swipe on chips, snack cakes, candy bars, and basically anything that sounded appetizing. I think the eating helped me cope with being away from home and having this newfound independence. I ate nonstop, sometimes until I got sick. It was unhealthy the way I was burying my emotions in junk food.

Now, I'm currently three years deep into this whole college thing and I finally feel like I'm adjusting well to my environment. I'm in an extremely happy, healthy relationship that makes me want to be a better me every single day, in every single way. One of his favorite things to do is work out and eat healthily or "make gains" as he likes to call it. Working out and "making gains" is not my forte.

For about a year I turned him down every single time he asked me to workout or offered to make me his chicken and rice. When he went to the gym, I took a nap. When he ate a well-balanced meal, I was eating Hot Fries and chocolate milk for dinner. After a while, I started to see some big differences between him and I. He was an all-around happier person. He had a lot more energy than I did. Plus, his body was like, chiseled to perfection and I still look like a two by four.

I made the decision to devote this school year to bettering myself in all aspects. For me, that started with fixing my diet from hell and getting my flat butt to the gym. So for the past week, my boyfriend has been walking me through workouts designed just for me, and I've been following a new diet that isn't centered around processed, synthetic foods. It's only been a few days and my glutes are screaming, but I can already see a shift in the amount of energy I have, and a peppiness in my mood.

I plan on documenting this new journey as I fight my cravings for potato chips and ice cream. It's going to be a rocky road (see what I did there?), but I'm ready to make the necessary changes to build the best me possible.

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