How To Keep Those Resolutions Year Round

How To Keep Those Resolutions Year Round

...even the really hard ones!

January is always that month of renewal. A fresh start and a new beginning of a brand new year. With all of that, comes some new goals or challenges we set ourselves to accomplish over the course of a new year. If you are anything like me, it might become easier to lose track or forget about the resolutions you have made and harder than not to stick with these goals year round.

Here are some ways to keep and complete all of our resolutions in 2018!

1. Write Them Down

This one has helped me so much throughout the year. Writing down your resolutions will help you first, stay organized and also help you remember what you committed to doing. You should keep a list in your room so you can look at it throughout each day and pick one or two that you want to do for the day, if doing all of them each day is overwhelming for you.

2. Think Logically

Set reasonable goals for yourself so you do not become overwhelmed and then just not accomplish them. For example, if you want to workout (a common goal after the holidays) you do not have to accomplish this goal daily it can just be a common reminder of something you want to work towards this year.

3. Keep It Simple

Sometimes with resolutions we try and go over the moon with many changes we want to accomplish and we end of trying to change all of our habits at one time. Instead of doing this just set simple goals for the year. Maybe it is earning better grades in school or putting some extra time in work or a hobby. Just pushing us more and more in a better direction instead of automatically changing everything over night.

4. Do a Little Each Day

This step can be overlooked a lot because we want to accomplish everything at once, we want an automatic change or we think our goals will never happen, but that is not the case. We are more likely to commit to something all year if we pace ourselves and do small steps to get there instead of doing it all at once.

5. Stay Accountable

Lastly, I would say tell a friend or a loved one about your new goals for the year so you can become accountable for what you are trying to accomplish. That friend or loved one can check up on you and ask how you are doing so that way you feel some motivation because someone is looking up to you to finish your goals!

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The Universal New Year's Resolutions

Live more.


This is a short piece I wrote for my creative writing class over Thanksgiving break, and while looking it over, I discovered how much personal truth it held and how anyone can apply these goals to their own life. Instead of declaring that you'll start going to the gym or stop smoking, it's easier to break down your goals into smaller steps, and I hope you can find something that resonates with you in this writing.

Live more.

Consume more. Travel as much as you can. Read as many books as you can get your hands on. Watch as many shows and films become available to you. Consume art to learn more about the world.

Breathe more. Flush those worries out. Don't let deadlines pile up. Don't let the stress and fear prevent you from living.

Cook more. Don't rely on take-out. Stir up new things, and try new recipes. You might find something you adore.

Learn more. Take the classes you don't think you'll like, and let them open your mind to new experiences.

Speak more. Reach out to friends and family first. Make the effort to include them in your life. Don't brush them off for temporary things.

Practice more. Work on that hobby. Familiarize yourself with your second language. Don't be satisfied with the bare minimum.

Study more. Don't let procrastination become your closest friend. Don't let academics fall behind. You're putting too much on the line to let it all go to waste.

Imagine more. Don't let rationality keep you stuck to earth. Let your fleeting dreams and thoughts exist, and work until they become reality.

Socialize more. Don't let yourself remain trapped in the familiar. Put yourself out there. Meet new people. Have new experiences.

Love more. Don't let fear of rejection or betrayal stifle your affection. Your heart can bear it.

Feel more.

Do more.

Live more.

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